The Administrative Assistant—Tips to Help You Stand Out in a Competitive Market

We’re rolling up on Administrative Assistants Day in the next week and we couldn’t help but think about the importance their job plays in the day to day functions of any office or business setting. A quality Administrative Assistant has a well-rounded skill set, making them invaluable to many employers. So, take it from “The Admin.” Here’s 5 traits that’ll give you that competitive edge you’re looking for, in any market.


An excellent Administrative Assistant is very much the glue that holds everything together. They are the spearhead of many things and above all, the “go to” person in the office. Performing above and beyond is a common occurrence. Whether they are welcoming clients and visitors, listening to complaints, relaying messages, organizing office supplies, coordinating a project, balancing a budget sheet or handling an office crisis, an excellent Admin can think on their feet and easily adapt to any given situation.


Effective communication is important in the Admin world and any other world for that matter. The Administrative Assistant almost always gives the first impression to incoming clients, visitors and the like. An excellent communicator always represents their organization or business with respect and is graceful in their ability to relay important or confidential information.


Multitasking and attention to detail are an everyday occurrence for the Administrative Assistant. Organization is pertinent to the job. Prioritizing and completing tasks efficiently are outstanding skills to have as they also show a lot about one’s character. Hard work and determination are a big part in being able to get things done no matter the circumstance. Employers love a hard worker, especially one who is efficient with their time!

Tech Savvy

The tech savvy admin brings a whole other level to the meaning, well rounded. Being tech savvy will leave employers feeling like they hit the jackpot. An Admin who knows the ins and outs of Microsoft is a huge asset. Being able to create spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations and important documents can save a business a lot of time and money. Do you have knowledge of Quickbooks, used HR software or know the ins and outs of how to use social media for online marketing? These all play a role in bringing value to a business.