The A, B, and C of Hiring Top Employees

Lexi Morgan

Finding the right employees to fill top positions at your company is always a challenge. They may look good on paper, but do not seem like the right fit in person. Or, perhaps they have a fairly flat resume, but in person…Boom! Personality plus! However, is a great personality enough? When you are hiring or offered a potential hire through a recruiter, you may want to consider the A, B, C of the process.

A: Aptitude and Ability.

Do they have the education or training for this position? Or, do they have the ability to grow into the position and learn the skills necessary to be a great fit for the job. If you can tell that the person is smart, capable, and a true leader, he/she may have ample aptitude and a great fit for you.

B: Believe.

Do you feel like they believe in your mission and are committed for the long term? Believing in your position at work and wanting to do your best is very important for company loyalty and growth. If even one person at the company doesn’t really believe in the mission, you may find that one rotten apple can spoil the whole bunch. Note the feedback you receive when you discuss your passion for the company and where you see it going. Your potential employee should be engaged and asking good questions, not sitting back and just nodding along (or nodding off).

C: Culture and Compensation.

Do they fit into the culture of your company? Would they enhance it? Do they have the right energy for your team? Every company has a culture they want or that they have established. If you are happy with your current culture, and you know they would fit right in, that is important. If you are trying to change the culture into a more positive, motivated environment, maybe this person can move the team forward with their positive attitude and leadership skills. Finally, make sure you are compensating correctly. If you find a great hire and then do not offer them a very strong compensation package, you shouldn’t be surprised when you find out they have continued to look for their “dream job.” Do your research and know that the offer you make is strong; show them that the offer is based on market research. Then, you’ll both be happy when the deal is done.

Once you think through the A, B, C’s, it will probably be clear if the potential hire is indeed the “right hire.”