Connect with Kathie, Business Development

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Wanting to connect with Siouxland’s top candidates?

Connect with Kathie, our Business Development Lead. Kathie will partner with business owners and managers to determine which of our staffing solutions will best align with your business’s current needs. From her public service background and community involvement, Kathie understands Siouxland’s economic landscape and how your human capital is crucial to your business, and how your business is crucial to our community. She looks forward to partnering with your business and watching it grow.

Kathie Pfaffle, Elite Staffing LLC

Clerical Staffing- Elite Staffing

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Jo & Sydney, Elite Staffing

Jo and Sydney discussing the process of our clerical staffing services and how this can benefit you during your job search.

To learn more, visit our website or call to chat with a recruiter today!  | 712.224.4208

Connect with Jo & Sydney

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Looking to connect with an employer who will value what you offer as an employee in a supportive role?

Connect with Jo and Sydney. They manage our Clerical Staffing Department and are continuously seeking people like you for roles like Administrative Assistants, Bookkeepers, Medical Receptionists, AP & AR Specialists, Paralegals, and more. Partnering with this dynamic duo will take you to the next level and ensure you find that one company who has been waiting for you.

Elite Staffing Sioux City Iowa

Jo Hackett and Sydeny Handsaker, Elite Staffing

How to Keep Winning Your Job…Even After You Get It

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You’ve gone through all the vetting processes and interviews and training. You got that job you wanted! Now, show the bosses that you deserved it, and you should remain in the position for a long time coming. How?

Take the Criticism. They are not going to love every move you make. Even though it is hard at times, take the criticism by acknowledging that you understand and want to improve; then, offer ways you will make changes. Don’t argue or get defensive. You are the newbie, and showing your respect for their knowledge will get you a whole lot farther than being combative.

Offer Ideas that Benefit the Whole of the Organization. Show that you are not just trying to make yourself advance, you are making the company advance. Perhaps it is involvement in a key non-profit or charitable activity, or using a better form of technology to get the job done more efficiently. Show that you want to forward everyone, not just yourself.

Go team! Make strong attempts to get to know your co-workers and their jobs. Show you are interested in how you can help them with their job, if that is pertinent. Demonstrate leadership that you are excited about making the team strong at work and even with teambuilding events inside and outside of the work day.

Lead by Example. Come in early, stay a little later. Work efficiently and offer new ideas if you see ways to improve. Ask good questions as you go that show your interest and excitement about this position with a positive attitude and upbeat mentality. Show not tell is the most important thing you can do—saying you are a positive leader in an interview needs to be followed up by clear actions that you are.

Work at Work. It’s fun to meet your new co-workers and get to know them, and some of those conversations are necessary to become a team player. However, do not spend too much time talking at the water cooler. They didn’t hire you to gossip or tell jokes. They want you to grow their business from the day you start.

If you show that you are continuing to fight for the position you have, and make a positive difference at the company, you will keep winning and advancing!

The SUCCESS in Using a Staffing Firm

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Whether you are the applicant looking for work or you are the business looking for applicants, using a staffing firm offers you a sure way to find SUCCESS.

S: The staff is there to help you, period. They have one mission in mind, help the clients find a great job or find the perfect employees. They want the client to tell their friends and colleagues that their staffing firm is the one to use in town and how great of a job you did.

U: Understanding the client’s needs and process. If you are a company looking for great employees, staffing firms understand the legwork that needs to go into it. Marketing for and screening candidates before they send them to a company is priority number 1, and it saves a company a lot of time and effort. Firms also understand that candidates may not know how to market themselves through their resume or an interview and can help prepare them.

C: Core values are at the center of a staffing firm’s work. Preaching and practicing a culture of integrity and diligence is something that staffing firms have to do to make sure their reputation is strong. People want to do business with firms who are ethical and follow through promises.

C: Clients are number one, always. If a firm lets that slip, they probably need to shut the door. Firms have to treat every client like they are valuable and worthy of your respect and time. No client can feel like they are a nuisance or not appreciated. Firms need to treat their clients like gold every time, as the best marketing you can do is word of mouth through your clients to others.

E: Every recruiter is hungry for work. The staff at staffing firms understand that their “big clients” who use them to staff consistently could have a bad quarter or year at any given moment. Economic shifts can happen overnight, and surprise closings happen. With that in mind, staffing firms do not settle on being complacent in their work, and they are always looking for clients and want to show them they are the best firm around.

S: Success is about choosing clients wisely. Yes, staffing firms want clients to staff for, but they don’t want to send their candidates out to a company that will treat them poorly. Staffing firms want to roll out the red carpet for their company clients, but only if they know that when they send a candidate, it will be a wonderful experience.

S: Sticking to the process is key. Staffing firms do not veer off path when it comes to applications, onboarding, orientations, and the like. They want to please the clients and do things the right way every time with a candidate, so the process a company client wants is what will happen every time. All of the staff at a staffing firm has to be on the same page about how they work with the clients, or their job could be on the line as a recruiter.

The A, B, and C of Hiring Top Employees

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Finding the right employees to fill top positions at your company is always a challenge. They may look good on paper, but do not seem like the right fit in person. Or, perhaps they have a fairly flat resume, but in person…Boom! Personality plus! However, is a great personality enough? When you are hiring or offered a potential hire through a recruiter, you may want to consider the A, B, C of the process.

A: Aptitude and Ability.

Do they have the education or training for this position? Or, do they have the ability to grow into the position and learn the skills necessary to be a great fit for the job. If you can tell that the person is smart, capable, and a true leader, he/she may have ample aptitude and a great fit for you.

B: Believe.

Do you feel like they believe in your mission and are committed for the long term? Believing in your position at work and wanting to do your best is very important for company loyalty and growth. If even one person at the company doesn’t really believe in the mission, you may find that one rotten apple can spoil the whole bunch. Note the feedback you receive when you discuss your passion for the company and where you see it going. Your potential employee should be engaged and asking good questions, not sitting back and just nodding along (or nodding off).

C: Culture and Compensation.

Do they fit into the culture of your company? Would they enhance it? Do they have the right energy for your team? Every company has a culture they want or that they have established. If you are happy with your current culture, and you know they would fit right in, that is important. If you are trying to change the culture into a more positive, motivated environment, maybe this person can move the team forward with their positive attitude and leadership skills. Finally, make sure you are compensating correctly. If you find a great hire and then do not offer them a very strong compensation package, you shouldn’t be surprised when you find out they have continued to look for their “dream job.” Do your research and know that the offer you make is strong; show them that the offer is based on market research. Then, you’ll both be happy when the deal is done.

Once you think through the A, B, C’s, it will probably be clear if the potential hire is indeed the “right hire.”

Come for Coffee. Stay for your Career.

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Join us on Monday, June 12 for a cup of coffee. We will visit about your career goals, skill set, and what positions we have that may fit you. If you cannot make it, call to schedule an interview for a different day.

While you are here, be sure to ask about our lunch and learns and how they can help you advance in your career search!

Preparing for Your Job Search 101

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Whether you just got out of college, or you are looking to change your career path, there are some important steps to take to prepare for your job search.

  1. Update your cover letter and resume with help.

This is where a recruiter can really help you get started in the right direction. It definitely helps to get advice from an expert about how to format your resume with the wording and organization of information. Also, resumes and letters will need to be tweaked depending the position for which you are applying. You may want to emphasize certain skills for different jobs. A recruiter can help you figure out the right way to make changes and updates, without making it a pain-staking event.

  1. Clean up your Social Media.

You may want to get rid of those pictures from last year’s music festival where you were holding beers in a bikini top, just sayin’… This is the time to clean up any photos or posts that may make you look rude, disrespectful, or foolish. Potential employers are going to take a look and try to find out what you are about, so just make sure their perception in all ways is positive.

  1. Shine your Shoes.

In fact, you may need to invest a little bit in your interviewing wardrobe. You don’t have to break the bank, but make sure your shoes are shined up or new, your clothing does not look worn out and is pressed, and your appearance is clean and tidy. Now is not the time to get the pink hair extensions and a nose ring that you always wanted while applying for a business manager position. There is nothing wrong with self-expression, but you want your appearance to say, “I’m confident and respectful of this opportunity!”

  1. Do your Research.

When you are going into your job search, research the positions well that you are applying for and take notes. When you get the call for the interview, you want to be on the ready to go and know what the company’s mission statement is and what the position entails. The person interviewing you believes in the company, and they will want to feel that you are a good addition to the team. Going in with knowledge and understanding about the company will make them feel like you are a great fit!

  1. De-Stress.

Searching for jobs is stressful, especially when you really want to make a change or find that first great job. However, you have to take breaks at times and let yourself breathe. One of the best things you can do is exercise in the moments when you are feeling worried or upset about how the process is going. Another great piece of advice is to volunteer or get a part time job to keep you busy. It’s important to feel like you are contributing in a positive way either in your household or simply to the world around you. Laying around waiting for someone to call for an interview can make anyone feel anxious or down.

Good luck in your search, and be sure to call a recruiter today to help you get started!

Setting you on the Right Path

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“Elite did a great job of finding a position that fits my skill set and helped prepare me for the interview. They made sure I felt important.” –Branden, AP Clerk

When you are looking for a new career path, you can feel very vulnerable, especially if you are coming out of a difficult situation. Perhaps you had an experience that depleted your confidence because of an unexpected lay off. Or, it could be that you have felt stuck for a long time, but you don’t know where to start to change your path. This is where getting the right recruitment firm is so important. When you begin the job search, help yourself by getting support, knowledge, and advice from a talented recruiter.

The Support You Need

The Right Resume. You may need a few different versions of your resume and certainly your cover letter for various positions. You want to highlight the strengths you have that match the positions you are applying for during your search.

Fashion Police. Depending on the interview, you may want to go extremely dressy or a little more casual. Your recruiter can help you evaluate your interviewing wardrobe and offer advice about what to wear to match the job.

Prepping and Practice. Knowing how to answer potential questions during an interview and practicing your answers will make you feel confident as you walk into a job interview. You don’t want to sound rehearsed, but you do want to sound like you know what you are talking about. Having talking points in your mind makes it far easier to answer potential questions that may come your way.

Leading the Way. You might look at job openings online or in the newspaper and skim right past them, not thinking you are the right candidate. Pushing you to consider all the options is important—sometimes you never know what might be a perfect fit for you!

Looking for a career change can be a scary prospect, but it should be exciting and even fun. At Elite, we want to empower you throughout your job search and offer you keys to success that you can use far into your future.


Hiring an Intrepreneur for your Entrepreneurial Venture

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You started up your own company last year, and you are surprised by your own growth…it’s going well! You actually need help! But, wait…this is your baby. You’ve been the one up nights worrying about how things are going, if you are going to make it, how you can achieve your sales goals. What if you hire someone and they screw it all up?

You took a risk to get here. You’ll probably have to take more to move forward.

Hiring an Intrepreneur means that you find someone who shows just as much investment in your “baby” as you do. They will fight for your company and show the energy and responsibility you need in that confident and trustworthy employee that you desperately need. They will be innovative, comfortable taking risks, and ready to begin running with new ideas. Here are some questions you can use when screening for this vital person.

  1. Why would you want to work for a company that is just starting up?
  2. What are some of your ideas on how to grow this company?
  3. What sets you apart from others when it comes to using technology/social media?
  4. Who do you see as a competitor for this business? How could we market ourselves differently than them?
  5. Are you willing to work hours outside the 8-5 timeframe on a regular basis?

Obviously, anyone can answer these in the ways you want to hear, but often, you can gauge their energy for a growing company by the way the candidate answers it. If they are showing a lot of initiative just through the interview process, chances are the candidate will be excited to grow with a new company. If they appear to be searching for an answer and unsure, then you know this is probably not the right candidate for you. If you have a recruiter interview your candidates, they may have a more objective view about who may be the perfect fit. Experienced recruiters know how to dig deeper in the interview process to find those qualities you are looking for.

Growth is awesome, and hiring your first employee can be daunting. However, there are many candidates out there looking for a place to shine. There are many qualified, talented people who do not want the responsibility of business ownership; however, they are more than happy to support those who are!