What is a Recruiter Looking For in a Topnotch Candidate?

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When you meet with a recruiter, you may wonder what exactly he/she is looking for to sell you to their clients. Here are some important things to showcase:

Confidence and Manners:

Don’t be sheepish and under-value yourself off the bat. Obviously, you want to be courteous and polite, but you want to show you are a strong person who believes in yourself! Even if you haven’t had the greatest job history or you are coming off a lost job, show that you have a lot to bring to the table, because you do!

Leadership and Teamwork Skills:

You can lead a group, but you also believe in working with others as an important part of the process to success. Have a few examples ready to share.

Value on Education:

Show that you are always willing to learn new things. There may be aspects of a job that you are not trained in yet, but you can learn it and are willing to. If you don’t know how to do something, then be honest, but that’s not the end of the conversation. For example, let’s say you do not know Excel very well, offer to take a class or a training session on it to master the technology for your future career.


Be warm. Be friendly. Selling you to an employer is much easier if the recruiter knows you are not going to be cold and unapproachable.

Organization and Multi-tasking:

Having the ability to be “on top of it” in all ways makes you easy to market to employers. If you can do handle many things at once without getting rattled, it shows that you are able to manage hectic work times with ease.

Overall, if you are shy or feeling like you are not qualified for the job you really want…find ways to get past it, and gain some confidence! Read helpful books, research how you can further your skills and take action on enhancing those skills, and up your game with your social skills.


B.I.G. News! Amy Macfarlane Joins the Elite Staffing Team.

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We have officially welcomed Amy Macfarlane to the team serving in the role of Executive Search and Recruitment.  As such, Macfarlane’s primary focus will be on continuing to enhance growth within the firm’s national search and recruitment niches, as well as continuing her role as a seasoned professional in local Business Development.   Ms. Macfarlane brings to the table over a decade of solid industry experience as a national Construction Engineering Recruiter, as well as serving the past 6 years as Business Development Director for a Financial Planning Firm located in the Tri-State area.

Chris Namanny, partner at Elite Staffing said “Amy joining our team is a great start to 2018. Her community relations and recruiting background aligns perfect with Elite’s team and goals. We are ecstatic to have her onboard!”

Macfarlane and her husband, Steve, are both native Sioux Cityans, and have 3 grown children.  She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Design and Housing from the University of Iowa, and is actively involved in her volunteer efforts for the Siouxland Community.  Currently, Macfarlane sits on the boards of, Hospice of Siouxland, The Alzheimer’s Association and 1st Tee of Siouxland.  Additionally, she serves as Commissioner for City of Sioux City’s Historic Preservation Commission.


Going from Nothing to Something: The Guide to Getting a Job When You are Missing Job History

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Scenario 1:  You stayed home with the kids and loved every moment. However, they are all driving and barely home…college is right around the bend. You are feeling like you might start climbing the walls if you do not have something more in your life besides going to yoga and the grocery store. Problem is: you never finished college and your last job was at the movie theatre many years ago.

Scenario 2: You married a successful business owner, which offered you a chance to work part time for at his/her company answering phones and doing some filing here and there. Now, you are ready to re-enter the workforce and re-invent yourself, but it’s been awhile…your last job was 10 years ago, and you are not sure the technology is quite the same, or if you remember how to use it.

Scenario 3: You retired! Yay! Now you can do anything you want at any time, any day. Well, you are two weeks in, staring out the window, and bored out of your mind.

If any of these scenarios sound familiar, read on….

First, no matter if your last job was at a fast food restaurant or as an accountant, you have skills! If you stayed at home with your children and never “worked,” remember that you managed a household. You handled a lot of organizing, money management, event coordination, teamwork, and conflict resolution. Look for positions where you can use these skills, and make sure to highlight your household management experience when you are interviewing for positions. You may have to start at a lower level position, but chances are, you will show leadership and grow. That first job may lead into a management position, and then boom!

Second, if you are looking for work because of boredom, but you like your free time too, temporary works is perfect for you! It’s not a full time gig, and you may be just answering phones for a week here or there when an employee is on vacation or leave. Temps are often needed to fill in at area companies, and you can always say “no” if you are not interested or it does not work with your schedule. Get your name in with a recruiter, and if you are a good option, you will definitely get called upon now and then. Another perk: meeting new people that you may never have known! No matter what our age, making new friends and social connections is a great way to stay emotionally healthy.

Third, brushing up on your skills or learning new technology is sometimes overwhelming, but chances are you have a smart phone, you have a computer, and you probably have some typing skills. And, if not, you can learn. Think of it as entering Kindergarten for Technology and just go with it. Sometimes a clean slate is almost better than trying to apply old skills to a new way of doing things. If you have the right personality, dependable, and willing to learn, employers are usually open to taking the risk if they know you are the right candidate. Also, you may want to seek out some classes or workshops that help you brush up on your skills or learn new ones. Call your local community college and ask for their advice!

Elite Staffing has many options for you, and we help you find the right position. We are experts at taking your past work experience (or lack of) and helping you build something from nothing!

A New Year…A New You! 2018 Here We Come!

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With a few weeks left in 2017, there may be things on your “list” that feel overwhelming. Perhaps making a move in your career is one of them, and if you are unemployed, it could simply be finding “a job.” If this is one of the things at the top of your list as you begin 2018, there are some great ways to prepare now for the New Year…New You.

Get Healthy:

Start the workout routine now, not on January 2. Why? Because if you are healthy and feeling fit, you are more likely to be motivated and have a healthy frame of mind. A great workout in the morning can get you moving for the day and more apt to get more accomplished. If you have been making poor choices in your diet, now is the time to make some better ones. Put down the sugary drinks and grab the water. Instead of a donut in the morning or sugary cereal, grab yogurt and fruit. Staying up until 2AM watching Netflix? Get to bed by 10PM and wake up early for your new workout routine. It’s amazing what feeling healthy can do for your body and your mind.

Get Organized:

If you organize your home, garage, storage space, office, closets, etc. now, you will not have this excuse once the New Year is here, “I’ll work on my job search AFTER I clean the garage.” And, then you go take a nap instead, right? If your surroundings are uncluttered, it often makes your brain uncluttered as well. You can focus on the things you really need to work on and not feel like you are living in a big mess.

Get Working:

Line up a meeting with a reputable recruiter now for right after the New Year, knowing that you’ll have to go to that meeting with a resume in hand that they can help you improve. Start writing down anything you could put in an updated resume: new skills acquired, an updated list of volunteer activities and Boards you have served on, anything that helps you in your job search. Network with people that may be able to offer you a reference or a job! Going to business events for your local Chamber is a great way to talk to people and find out if they are looking for a great hire in the New Year. Feeling productive and working on your job search before it starts gives you a sense of purpose and drive for the future.

Get Calm:

Working meditation into your daily routine can help you focus and de-stress as you head into your job search. We all know that looking for a new career or position can make anyone anxious, as it usually means making big decisions for yourself. It can mean taking some risks for you and for your family, but if you find ways to center yourself and find peace in your mind and spirit, you will be able to make more sound decisions for yourself.

Call Elite Staffing today to set up that meeting for after the New Year! We are here to make your 2018 amazing!

Connect with Lexi, Executive Recruiter

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Wanting to make a career move and connect with Siouxland’s top employers?

Meet Lexi, our Executive Recruiter. She focuses on industries and departments such as Human Resources, IT Management, Marketing, and Accounting. Her unique approach for getting to know your skill set and you personally as a candidate will help you refine your career goals and determine where you will best succeed amongst Siouxland’s top employers.

Lexi Morgan, Elite Staffing LLC

Connect with Phil, Executive Recruiter

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Interested in connecting with those organizations who hire top performers?

Connect with Phil, our Executive Recruiter. Phil is Siouxland’s leading recruiter with a focus in Accounting, Plant & Manufacturing Management, Executive Sales, Engineering, Project Management, Technical, and all C-level positions. With his multi-dimensional leadership and management background, Phil has refined his recruiting process to accurately match your skills to the top employers in Siouxland.

Phil Krone, Elite Staffing

Connect with Kathie, Business Development

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Wanting to connect with Siouxland’s top candidates?

Connect with Kathie, our Business Development Lead. Kathie will partner with business owners and managers to determine which of our staffing solutions will best align with your business’s current needs. From her public service background and community involvement, Kathie understands Siouxland’s economic landscape and how your human capital is crucial to your business, and how your business is crucial to our community. She looks forward to partnering with your business and watching it grow.

Kathie Pfaffle, Elite Staffing LLC

Clerical Staffing- Elite Staffing

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Jo & Sydney, Elite Staffing

Jo and Sydney discussing the process of our clerical staffing services and how this can benefit you during your job search.

To learn more, visit our website or call to chat with a recruiter today!

www.elitestaffco.com  | 712.224.4208

Connect with Jo & Sydney

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Looking to connect with an employer who will value what you offer as an employee in a supportive role?

Connect with Jo and Sydney. They manage our Clerical Staffing Department and are continuously seeking people like you for roles like Administrative Assistants, Bookkeepers, Medical Receptionists, AP & AR Specialists, Paralegals, and more. Partnering with this dynamic duo will take you to the next level and ensure you find that one company who has been waiting for you.

Elite Staffing Sioux City Iowa

Jo Hackett and Sydeny Handsaker, Elite Staffing

How to Keep Winning Your Job…Even After You Get It

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You’ve gone through all the vetting processes and interviews and training. You got that job you wanted! Now, show the bosses that you deserved it, and you should remain in the position for a long time coming. How?

Take the Criticism. They are not going to love every move you make. Even though it is hard at times, take the criticism by acknowledging that you understand and want to improve; then, offer ways you will make changes. Don’t argue or get defensive. You are the newbie, and showing your respect for their knowledge will get you a whole lot farther than being combative.

Offer Ideas that Benefit the Whole of the Organization. Show that you are not just trying to make yourself advance, you are making the company advance. Perhaps it is involvement in a key non-profit or charitable activity, or using a better form of technology to get the job done more efficiently. Show that you want to forward everyone, not just yourself.

Go team! Make strong attempts to get to know your co-workers and their jobs. Show you are interested in how you can help them with their job, if that is pertinent. Demonstrate leadership that you are excited about making the team strong at work and even with teambuilding events inside and outside of the work day.

Lead by Example. Come in early, stay a little later. Work efficiently and offer new ideas if you see ways to improve. Ask good questions as you go that show your interest and excitement about this position with a positive attitude and upbeat mentality. Show not tell is the most important thing you can do—saying you are a positive leader in an interview needs to be followed up by clear actions that you are.

Work at Work. It’s fun to meet your new co-workers and get to know them, and some of those conversations are necessary to become a team player. However, do not spend too much time talking at the water cooler. They didn’t hire you to gossip or tell jokes. They want you to grow their business from the day you start.

If you show that you are continuing to fight for the position you have, and make a positive difference at the company, you will keep winning and advancing!