4 “Must Know” Salary Negotiation Tips

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There’s nothing like the excitement of a new job. One of the most important, yet most difficult things to talk about in the job process is…money! We get it, it’s not the most comfortable topic of discussion, but unfortunately many candidates are not 100% confident in the salary offered to them. We don’t want you to be in this position. Make no mistake; you deserve what you’re worth! Here are some great tips to guide you through the salary negotiation process and bring you peace of mind about your future position.

Prepare a Strategy.

First thing’s first. Many employers expect you to counter offer. Don’t feel obligated to accept their first offer. Prepare a strategy ahead of time and practice how you want to execute that strategy. You can even role-play various scenarios. Nerves get the best of us sometimes and this process will help you maintain confidence throughout the process.

Do Your Research!

Learn what your job is worth in regards to your education, experience and price tag for similar jobs in your area. Use that research to set a reasonable counter offer and be prepared to back up your numbers.

If it seems the numbers won’t budge, remember that you can always negotiate factors like extra paid vacation, sick days, flexibility in your work schedule etc. as a substitute for a larger salary.

Don’t take it Personally.

Visualize salary negotiation as a business transaction. Don’t cause yourself emotional distress. You must be confident!  Think in black and white, know your worth and leave your emotions out of it. After all, it’s just business.

Be Cautious.

There’s nothing like wearing out your welcome, but wearing out your welcome in an interview? Now that’s a talent that no one wants to have. It’s important to be realistic in your expectations. Keep your research and strategy in mind and don’t press for more money when it’s unnecessary. The last thing an employer wants to do is play games.

We understand that salary negotiation can be down right uncomfortable, and it’s probably not on the top of the list for a first conversation with your soon to be boss or the HR department. At Elite Staffing, we are well versed in negotiating offers for both what a position should be paying as well as what salary a candidate’s skill set matches up with and we are very candid with both the company and the client. If you are looking for your next career opportunity and/or could benefit from more advice in salary negotiation, give us a call. We’re here to help guide you on your path to success!

4 Reasons You Need a Mentor

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We’ve met many different types of people through our work as a staffing agency. Though they may differ in age, ability and experience, they all have a common bond—Aspirations. As a matter of fact, we can confidently say that this applies to more then just the people we work with.

Big or small, everyone has their own goals, dreams and aspirations. But, not everyone believes that they can achieve them. A good way to change that mindset is by finding someone to be your mentor. This person should be authentic, engaged and have the experience to guide you and help you grow on a personal level and in addition, encourage you to reach your career goals. We stress that everyone at some point in his or her life, consider finding a mentor. And here’s why!

Discover your Potential.

So often, we don’t see our own value. We have dreams that we don’t share, strengths we don’t use and potential we don’t tap into. A mentor will encourage you, point out your strengths, identify your weaknesses and provide you with valuable advice and insight based on experience.


A good mentor will give critical feedback. A good mentee, will take that feedback with grace and humility and use it as an opportunity! Organic, unbiased, truthful and genuine feedback has the ability to turn a follower into a leader.


People are looking for direction, someone to look up to. It’s human nature. Sometimes we need that extra push to get us going! Like your morning coffee, a mentor helps you stay energized, committed and driven about your goals.


Mentors have knowledge and wisdom from learning and going through their own experiences. Good or bad, they can use those experiences to help guide you through your own situations.

As we have stated many times over, the strength of a company is a direct correlation to the strength of its leadership. Your success is determined by hard work, desire for personal growth and an open mind. Finding a mentor can be the start to a bright career for someone who, with guidance is willing to take their aspirations and goals and make them a reality!

Are you ready to take the next step in your career journey? We look forward to meeting you! Call us at (712) 224-4208 or Email us here with any questions. We are happy to help you find your next career opportunity.

Effective Workplace Communication Starts with You

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Communication is something introduced to us at birth and even after years of experience, we still don’t always get it right. In the workplace, effective communication has a big role in the improving quality of customer service, morale and time management skills and productivity, not to mention it could be a distinguishing factor in whether or not you receive a promotion or raise.  Here are some tips to consider if you’re looking to improve or continue to strive for effective communication in the workplace.

Be Approachable

It’s hard to effectively communicate if you can’t be approachable. Be aware of the tone of your voice and your body language is open and welcoming. Having a positive attitude can make your everyday communication a happy experience for everyone.

Do Not Sugar Coat

Be clear and concise in your responses and specific in your directions. Make your goals clear and do your best not to leave anything out. Most importantly always tell the truth!

Aim for Confidence

If you want your colleagues to back up your ideas, show respect and recommend your expertise to others, you must have confidence. But please, do it in a way that is tasteful, keeping in mind not to be pretentious.


And have patience. Not everyone is perfect and eventually we make mistakes, but be willing to listen and don’t take it personally.  View any criticism with a willingness to learn and better your skills. If you’re the one giving the criticism, be patient and willing to teach.

There’s no doubt that effective communication is an absolute need in regards to the success of any business and the happiness of its employees. Whether you’re managing a group of employees or you’re an employee yourself, these basics skills will quickly improve or maintain your reputation for the better.

Are you ready for an improvement in your communication skills or want to know how to incorporate better communication practices? We’d love to chat with you! Email us here with your questions or  give us a call at: (712) 224-4208.

3 Ways To Use Social Media to Find Talent

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If your business has not yet hopped aboard the social bandwagon, then you need to reconsider. Millions of people use social media on a daily basis. There are dozens to choose from but not all platforms are right for every business or industry. Most people are familiar with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. We’ve even had our fair share of coverage on LinkedIn and how job seekers can benefit from it. But let’s talk about taking social media and using it to the benefit of the employer. We want to help you find your newest and greatest employee and it’s no surprise that social media can enhance that process.

 First and Foremost

Play by the rules! If you plan to use social media, whatever the platform may be, you MUST familiarize yourself with that platform. Diving into something—especially social media—without understanding it first, can really leave a dent in the reputation of your business…FOREVER. And we only want the best for your business! So PLEASE, research and learn the ins and outs before getting in the driver’s seat and stepping on the peddle. Always wear your social seatbelt. And by that we mean use your judgment and error on the side of caution.

 Get the Word Out

Use Social Media to advertise open positions in your company or business. You can even throw in a few dollars for an ad that hundreds, maybe thousands will see. These are available on both Facebook and Twitter. You’ll be able to choose your target audience and their characteristics for a better reach. Don’t forget to use #hashtags to give you an up on searchable key phrases related to your industry.  In 140 characters or less, you can post a simple, yet crowd-catching tweet that might just raise the eyebrows of your next employee.


Use Social Media to tell the world what your business is all about. Let the Social Media world get to know you through continued use of solid content that stays true to your brand. You can post blogs, fun facts, project updates, visuals…highlight an employee when they get promoted or provide fun examples of team building activities or life outside the office during work outings. Formulate about a month ahead of time a general idea of what you want to post. People get busy and not all days are as creative as the next.  A content calendar is strategic and will hold you accountable to stick with the plan.

If you’re already in the habit of supplying quality content to your page, you have a head start for when it’s time to post any available job openings. It’s all about building trust in your brand. If your brand has proven solid, consistent content, it’s much easier for people to connect with you.


The Perfect Clerical Temp Candidate

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You’ve most often known Elite Staffing as the bridge between employee and employer continually focusing on finding the perfect candidates for executive level and professional positions. But, perhaps it’s time for a change. Today, let’s think a bit more outside the usual…

The Clerical Temp Job.

Often time’s temp jobs are seen as being just that, temporary, “just another side job,” or sometimes even pointless due to its definite end. However, this is not always the case and you could be missing out on its benefits! So, brainstorm with us for a second. What type of person should consider a clerical temp job and why?

The Perfect Temp Candidate.

It’s all about finding the right people. Here are a few scenarios for a great temp job candidate.

  1. The Stay at Home Mom (or Dad)
  2. The Newbie-Do you have gaps in your work history or very little to show on your resume?
  3. The Graying Workforce- Are you returning from retirement or are looking for that happy medium?
  4. The Career Changer-If you are thinking about switching careers, the temp job is for you!

Temp positions may not be for everyone but for those that do fit the description, this is your niche! Now, onto the perks.

New Skills+Experience

Whether you had skills and experience before or not, you are sure to come out of any temp position with just that! Temp jobs can help you fill in those questionable gaps employers don’t like to see and your newfound skills show the ability and willingness to learn and grow.


You can never have enough connections! Temp positions can really help add to your group of contacts. Always take this opportunity at its full value. Networking always pays off!

To be Temporary, or Not to be Temporary.

That is the question…figuratively speaking. The job is clearly temporary, but in some circumstances if the employee exceeds expectations, there could be a chance that they are offered a permanent position or referred to a slightly different position. Either way, you now have skills that you didn’t have before and a great reference to back up those skills.

Elite Staffing would love to help find the right temp job for you. If any of the scenarios we presented describe you, let’s connect! And if you already have, we will be sure to help you on to the next job when your current one comes to a close. No questions asked!

Three Steps to Attracting the Right Candidate for Your Business

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Attracting the right people to your business may seem like a pretty daunting task. But, often times we find ourselves making the simple things, difficult. Here are three simple steps to help you move forward in finding the right people to support your business.

How Well Do you Know Your Employees?

First thing’s first. You need to understand what the right talent is for your business. What kind of qualities do top performers in your business have? If you don’t know the answer, there will always be an uncertainty about your decisions in filling positions with the most qualified candidate.

Focus on attracting people who have similar qualities to your top performers. There’s not really a magic formula to the perfect employee for a position and not every talented person will fit perfectly for any job. Make sure that their talents match up with the field your business is interacting with on a regular basis.

Think Outside the Box.

Sometimes it seems easier to rely on your impulses and choose the type of candidates that you most prefer. However, this leaves no room for growth and because of that, you could be missing out on some truly impressive potential candidates. So, think outside the box and make the time to look for candidates who you don’t normally give your time to. You will be very surprised at who you find.

Draw them In.

Everyone knows the saying, “a happy wife, makes a happy life.” Well, the same reigns true in any establishment…Happy employees make for an attractive business. If you have a company with a strong brand, top-notch customer satisfaction and happy, loyal employees, the right candidates will come knocking.

Follow these three steps in any hiring process to ensure you are attracting the RIGHT people for your business and industry. Your time is valuable and we want your business to thrive. Call us if you need any help. We’d be happy to assist!

Ruling the Recruiting World with a Capital T(echnology)!

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In order to accomplish our goals and to thrive as modern recruiters, we have to stay on top of our market. We go where our market goes. If we don’t, we quickly become disconnected from our audience and without that connection, we cannot thrive. So where is our market going? It’s simple…ONLINE! And what do we use to get online? Technology.

Here’s a look into what technology has done to help us as modern recruiters, build a stronger connection with our market, then ever before.

 Use Technology to Back up your Skills

Writers can showcase their work through blogging and web developers can show their WordPress expertise in a live environment, but anyone can showcase their abilities, awards etc. by simply posting their resumes and experience online using tools such as LinkedIn.

Real world skills are casting a shadow on the GPA. Today’s technology makes it easy for people to expose their skills through online outlets, in turn helping us as recruiters, discover strong candidates to place.

Getting to Know You

Getting to know more about you! Ok, ok we’ll spare you with our King and I musical serenade, but we think it fits perfectly for this topic. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Blog Posts. The list goes on. Recruiters can find out what you like or dislike, how you interact with others, your passions, goals, hobbies, everything, before we even have a face-to-face conversation.


The future of recruiting has by far grown by leaps and bounds here. All of the papers and filing are no more. We can track and keep ALL-important information with digital tools.

Content Marketing

Recruiters truly thrive in the online marketing department when they have a strong brand. Visual is important. Recruiters who are able to deliver real-time content through blogging, social media, and an overall strong online presence, are better able to connect with not only candidates but also employers.

It’s no surprise that technology reigns in today’s recruiting world. Information is easily accessible and with the click of a button or touch of a screen, it’s at our fingertips. It’s what we do with that technology that makes a difference.




Top 5 Qualities that Help Us Thrive in the Modern Recruiting World.

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Once a paper only society, now, a tech savvy generation with multitudes of information at our fingertips. So how does the recruiting industry take to this? We use it to our advantage, of course! First step, adapting. Just like any superhero, recruiters have to learn how to use their powers to benefit them. Well, in superhero terms, modern recruiters have really slayed. Thanks LinkedIn for taking networking to the next level! (By the way, if you want to use LinkedIn to its full advantage, check out our last blog.)

But, what really makes a modern recruiter thrive? What are those out of this world qualities that take a recruiter to the next level? You might be surprised at how simple they are. Here are five top qualities that Elite uses to thrive in the world of modern recruiting.



There’s no sense in recruiting if you cannot effectively communicate. Every aspect of recruiting, from start to finish of the hiring process, requires communication at a very intelligent and confident level. Communication is key!


Rock Solid Listening Skills.

The way to a perfect match is by listening. Listening to the needs of both the clients and the candidate are essential in recruiter performance. There is no value in a recruiter who knows nothing about the people they are trying to match.


Community Role.

In essence, having a strong networking presence in the community is a huge contributor to a thriving recruiter. The stronger our connections and networking efforts and the better we understand the community business culture and its values, the more tuned in we will be to finding your perfect match.


Efficient Use of Time.

It’s true for everyone that time is money. A recruiter who is able to manage their time wisely and not procrastinate will grow and prosper. At Elite, we don’t stick our toes in the water. We dive in headfirst.


Jack of All Trades.

Modern Recruiters have evolved into and mastered multiple roles in order to keep up with the Jones’s of industry standards and so do we. Researcher, Marketer, Psychologist, Matchmaker and Data Nerd are just a few of the titles that Elite has drawn skills from in order to truly take our business to the next level.

As you can see, it doesn’t take superpowers to be a modern recruiter. Simply being able to excel at these five traits have truly helped Elite connect with and help so many clients and candidates. We work hard to communicate, listen, stay active in our community and spend our time efficiently. Let us take your business/career to the next level!