Top 5 Qualities that Help Us Thrive in the Modern Recruiting World.

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Once a paper only society, now, a tech savvy generation with multitudes of information at our fingertips. So how does the recruiting industry take to this? We use it to our advantage, of course! First step, adapting. Just like any superhero, recruiters have to learn how to use their powers to benefit them. Well, in superhero terms, modern recruiters have really slayed. Thanks LinkedIn for taking networking to the next level! (By the way, if you want to use LinkedIn to its full advantage, check out our last blog.)

But, what really makes a modern recruiter thrive? What are those out of this world qualities that take a recruiter to the next level? You might be surprised at how simple they are. Here are five top qualities that Elite uses to thrive in the world of modern recruiting.



There’s no sense in recruiting if you cannot effectively communicate. Every aspect of recruiting, from start to finish of the hiring process, requires communication at a very intelligent and confident level. Communication is key!


Rock Solid Listening Skills.

The way to a perfect match is by listening. Listening to the needs of both the clients and the candidate are essential in recruiter performance. There is no value in a recruiter who knows nothing about the people they are trying to match.


Community Role.

In essence, having a strong networking presence in the community is a huge contributor to a thriving recruiter. The stronger our connections and networking efforts and the better we understand the community business culture and its values, the more tuned in we will be to finding your perfect match.


Efficient Use of Time.

It’s true for everyone that time is money. A recruiter who is able to manage their time wisely and not procrastinate will grow and prosper. At Elite, we don’t stick our toes in the water. We dive in headfirst.


Jack of All Trades.

Modern Recruiters have evolved into and mastered multiple roles in order to keep up with the Jones’s of industry standards and so do we. Researcher, Marketer, Psychologist, Matchmaker and Data Nerd are just a few of the titles that Elite has drawn skills from in order to truly take our business to the next level.

As you can see, it doesn’t take superpowers to be a modern recruiter. Simply being able to excel at these five traits have truly helped Elite connect with and help so many clients and candidates. We work hard to communicate, listen, stay active in our community and spend our time efficiently. Let us take your business/career to the next level!

LinkedIn Hacks.

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Ahhh LinkedIn. Our ever so helpful promoter and networking friend! LinkedIn can be a great tool for job seekers as well as employers, but are you taking full advantage of this social tool? It can be difficult keeping up with the social world. So how do you get the most out of your LinkedIn experience? Trust us, the better you promote yourself, the more likely your chances are of landing the right job, growing client lists, or just connecting with great people. Follow these LinkedIn hacks to help you stand out!

Profile Meets Personality.

It may sounds strange, but DO give your profile a personality. Not only will you stand out, but, you are giving employers and people in general, a little snapshot of who you are and how you work. Now, using your judgment is obviously important here. Keep your grammar on point, but from writing your summary to your experience in organizations and involvement, even your cover photo; don’t be afraid to share your passions in a way that is uniquely you.

Don’t talk as much about what you’ve DONE, talk about what you can DO.

This is where posting content comes into play. LinkedIn allows you to share content written by you. Similar to a blog, this is another way to share your knowledge, interests, talents and abilities through writing.

Complete your Profile.

And keep it up to date. You can do everything from sharing honors & awards, volunteer work, completed courses, projects, certifications and even patents. Take advantage of presenting your work. Want to build the resume of your dreams? Check out Linkedin’s Resume Builder.

Get Endorsed.

You may already have a few endorsements that show your skill set. But, don’t be afraid to ask. Chances are, if you’ve connected with the right people, they won’t even hesitate.

Join Groups.

Joining LinkedIn’s groups not only allows you the benefits of keeping up with your industries discussion topics, it also gives you access to the profiles of those group members, giving you the opportunity to network.

Use LinkedIn to Network.

Groups are just one of the many ways of networking through LinkedIn. Don’t be afraid to send a message; introducing yourself is the first step to a great connection. You can also request an introduction to contact 2nd-degree connections. Who knows what the outcome could be? Perhaps it’s your new job!

We Hire Productive Employees

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We Hire Productive Employees

Recently, we touched on unacceptable behaviors in the workplace. Many of these behaviors if not all, can easily lead to a decline in employee productivity. Just think about how much more you could accomplish in your daily work routine if you put away all distractions and got to work! Here are a few tips to help you get rid of those distractions and maintain productivity in the workplace.

Turn Off Notifications.

It’s easy to get sidetracked when your phone, email and other devices are constantly beeping. Not to mention the temptation to check your social media or text about non-work related matters. Set aside a short amount of time to check and respond to emails or important messages but stick to that time and then walk away.

Make That List and Check It Twice!

Santa is not the only one who appreciates your lists! At the beginning of the workday, take a few minutes to write down what you need to accomplish. Try and order it by what is most important. When it’s done, check it off! Not only will you see your productivity, you will also feel accomplished and that in turn, will fuel even more productivity.

But be careful. This can also overwhelm people who have unrealistic goals and put too much on their to-do lists. Make your list about four or five items. Once all are checked off you can still work on other items and feel even more accomplished.

Meetings. Are They Necessary?

Not to say they aren’t important, but meetings can easily become side tracked, leaving little accomplished during a somewhat long time frame. Stick to a pre-planned agenda and take notes. When everything is said and done, get back to work.

Set Deadlines.

It’s part of human nature to want to procrastinate. Deadlines are there to keep you focused and motivated to get things done in a timely manner. They are called deadlines for a reason so stick to them.


It’s important to take regular breaks during the workday. Simply getting up from your desk to walk can quickly recharge the body physically and mentally. Take in the fresh air and you’ll see how a quick 10-minute walk can increase your performance.

Whether you are a super celeb, CEO, mom, student or the latter, there are only 24 hours in a day and it’s up to you to make the most of it.


Networking. Volunteering. Leadership.

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Everyone knows it. Yes, that saying…”It’s not about what you know, it’s who you know.” In the job world, most people have a degree. So what makes a candidate stand out when so many others have the same piece of paper as their neighbor? It’s who you KNOW! And, what better way to ‘know’ people, then through networking!


Everyone knows about networking. It’s one of those essential words professionals have gotten used to using. But, there is a difference between using it in your vocabulary and using it as an action. Do NOT underestimate the power of networking. It’s actually quite simple!

Find and attend events related to your field. Introduce yourself and ask questions. Then, follow up with the people that you meet. As a result, you’ll gain contacts, friendships, advice, knowledge and quite possibly, a job.

Now, lets add to the equation. “It’s not about what you know, it’s who you know and… WHAT YOU DO!”

Volunteering IS Networking.

Volunteering is not just aesthetically pleasing to resumes and recruiters, it’s a great way to stay connected and get involved in your community. By volunteering, you’ll gain all the benefits of networking, all while making a difference and growing on a personal level.

Let’s keep adding to the equation. “It’s not about what you know, it’s who you know and… what you do, and HOW YOU DO IT!”

Leadership Opportunities Come from Volunteering.

Building and demonstrating leadership skills can easily bring you to the top of the job seeking totem poll. Running a committee or taking part in planning community events are just a few examples. Not everyone has the ability or want to lead and employers will appreciate your efforts.

So, at the end of the day it can be said that the three ingredients to help you stand out from the rest and build an incredible career are: networking, volunteering and leadership.

Here’s to You!

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It’s no secret people tend to do business with people they like, know and trust. That’s why we can’t emphasize this enough: We believe it’s not just about finding work; it’s about finding what works. It takes time to get to know and learn about the clients and candidates we come in contact with, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. Because when we’re building that relationship and trust with our clients, we also build a huge respect and appreciation.

As a staffing company, our success cannot come without the success of the companies we work with. Elite does more than just place people with employers. We believe it’s important to take the time to understand our clients and whether they best suit what our client needs.

Here’s what one of our clients has to say about us:

“My experience with Elite Staffing was a pleasant one, start to finish.  I felt they had a genuine interest in our company’s needs and went above and beyond to find us the right person. Knowing that I had no previous experience with a staffing company, they made sure I understood the process and was comfortable with it. It is an efficient and time-saving way to connect with motivated people interested in a job, not just a paycheck. I will call on Elite in the future for our staffing needs.”

Terry Burns, President

Midstates Development, Inc.

We have built a consistent brand that guarantees not only a happy outcome for candidates and businesses but also a continuing, deeply rooted relationship in Siouxland’s business community, and we’re excited to have you join us!


Work Etiquette—Top 4 Behaviors You Won’t Get Away With

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One would think that work etiquette would be in the category called common sense, but all too often the feeling of comfort sets in and it’s easy to forget the simplest of acceptable workplace behaviors. Being teachable is a great trait to keep with you as you grow in your career as well as in personal maturity so, take a few minutes to remind yourself of the work behaviors most often broken. Whether you manage a team or are working your way up the ladder, these behaviors deserve your attention and make an impact to your level of success.

Say No to Gossip

From co-workers to your boss, you should NEVER EVER gossip in the workplace. Please note, using work email for gossip, inappropriate or non-work related conversation is also a big No-No. It WILL come back to you! Getting in trouble for gossip at work is ten times the headache of your annoying co-workers. If you do have problem or issues to discuss, talking to your boss is a much better way to move towards a resolution.

Child-like Behavior

Angry fits of rage, stomping around like a baby, whining, complaining and the like? Believe it or not, it happens in the workplace more often than you think. If you are frustrated and need to take a quick second to yourself, by all means do! But, think before you act. A dramatic production is better left at the theater.

Cell Phone Usage

People, people, people; the struggle is real! You know when it’s appropriate to use your phone and when it’s not. Most employers are understanding if you have children, are expecting an important call or in cases of emergency. But please, respect the workplace! You aren’t being paid to text your friends out of boredom or check your social media every 5 minutes. Think how much more you can accomplish if you’d just put your phone away!

Faking It

There are so many directions this one could go but all in all, please be genuine. Lying and disguising yourself as someone you are not, will dig you a big hole. Credibility is huge in the workplace and one silly little lie could change everything. Lets face it, being honest and having integrity are a lot less work then always trying to keep your story straight.

So, the lesson learned here is this. While common sense should keep you from performing some if not all of these behaviors, one thing is certain, if you do these you will not find yourself successful in the workplace. And, at the end of the day may even lose your job. So, when a challenge does present itself, make sure to communicate with your boss and handle it appropriately. We think you’ll find the result to be much sweeter in the end.

5 Things to Keep in Mind When Hiring a Staffing Firm

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Hiring a staffing firm to find the right people for your company takes trust and patience; but in the end can be very rewarding and save you a great amount of time and money in the long run. We know your time is valuable so, here are some things for your company/business to keep in mind if you’re thinking about hiring a staffing firm.

Strong Local Presence

Chances are, if the firm you’re looking to work with has a strong presence in the community, they’ll make a great partner. The stronger their connections and networking efforts and the better they understand the community business culture and its values, the more tuned in they’ll be to finding the perfect match for your business. They most likely already have a number of candidates in mind. If they’re in the know, it’s a GO!

Interest in Your Business

It’s important to work with a staffing firm that wants to build a strong relationship with your business. The more they know about you and how your business runs, the quicker they can find a candidate that is completely perfect for the position.


A staffing firm is there for your convenience and not to confuse you. Choose a firm who is up front about their services and can provide you with information to back up their claims. A staffing firm that goes above and beyond to understand and get to know their client will also be honest and work with the utmost integrity.


If a firm is filling positions that don’t last, that’s a huge red flag. Be sure to ask about their turnover rate; ROI is make or break in this industry and if placement turnover is high, there could be a big piece of the puzzle missing.

Do they offer Testimonials?

They say a picture is worth 1,000 words but a personal account of someone’s experience is worth so much more. Testimonials are an effective way to build trust and provide an outside view of, “the real firm.” A happy client/business means they are doing their job right! (Testimonials of our own COMING SOON!!)

At Elite Staffing we believe that it isn’t just about finding work; it’s about finding out what works. We know from years of experience that a solid, working relationship between a candidate and a company is based on honest expectations, personality matching, and articulated end goals. After all, we cannot be successful if our candidates are not successful.


Candidate Selling Must Be Improved

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We hear from job seekers every week. As the economy has improved and the unemployment rate decreased, today’s job market has gradually grown into a, “Candidates Market.” More jobs have opened up, leaving even more seekers the opportunity to choose their dream job over settling for a job that just pays the bills. Great right? Yes! We couldn’t be more excited to see this big shift in our market. Because it’s a Candidate Market, we have seen many candidates express a sense of self-entitlement. Unfortunately for these candidates, they won’t be the company’s first pick.

So, maybe you’ve caught yourself thinking with a mindset of entitlement. Nobody wants to stand out for the wrong reasons! Here are five tips we think will help you stand out (the right way) and keep you from coming across as, “the entitled one.” Take these seriously. It might just help you land the job you’re searching for!

Keep Yourself Current

If you are looking to attract the attention of a recruiter, our advice is to be as transparent as possible. There’s nothing more troubling to a recruiter than inconsistency. Make sure your LinkedIn profile, resume and cover letter are up to date. Ask your previous employers and clients to write you a testimonial. And above all, always be sure your resume and LinkedIn page match. If they don’t, it doesn’t matter what you have on there, it just doesn’t look as strong.

Stay Connected

Recruiters and hiring managers want to see if you’re a good fit for a position, and may keep you in mind for future positions; but they won’t be able to do this if you don’t connect with them. We review hundreds of resumes each month. Standing out from the crowd is all about being yourself and expressing your talents and strengths.

Be Authentic When Looking for Your Dream Job

Tell your story! Use the words that you see in the descriptions of the jobs you want. Even if you’re happy where you are, you most likely want to progress your career in the future. You never know, you might even have the chance at your dream job. If you want to get noticed by the people recruiting for that dream job, make sure it’s easy for them to find you.

Build Your Professional Network

And showcase it! Recruiters love it when they see a robust cover letter and resume with a strong network. Become as active as possible in your industry.

Remember the Basics

Just because you’re a college graduate doesn’t mean you know the basics. The business world does appreciate talent, but it also demands respect. Things that may seem simple can sometimes cost you a lot. Actions such as being on time, communication skills, professional dress and working hard to achieve your goals, will never go out of style.