Top 5 Qualities that Help Us Thrive in the Modern Recruiting World.

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Once a paper only society, now, a tech savvy generation with multitudes of information at our fingertips. So how does the recruiting industry take to this? We use it to our advantage, of course! First step, adapting. Just like any superhero, recruiters have to learn how to use their powers to benefit them. Well, in superhero terms, modern recruiters have … Read More

We Hire Productive Employees

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We Hire Productive Employees Recently, we touched on unacceptable behaviors in the workplace. Many of these behaviors if not all, can easily lead to a decline in employee productivity. Just think about how much more you could accomplish in your daily work routine if you put away all distractions and got to work! Here are a few tips to help … Read More

Candidate Selling Must Be Improved

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We hear from job seekers every week. As the economy has improved and the unemployment rate decreased, today’s job market has gradually grown into a, “Candidates Market.” More jobs have opened up, leaving even more seekers the opportunity to choose their dream job over settling for a job that just pays the bills. Great right? Yes! We couldn’t be more … Read More