EMPLOYER EVENT: Reverse Job Fair, May 23

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You’re probably wondering, what is a reverse job fair? With the Siouxland unemployment rate at a record low of nearly 2%, we understand qualified candidates are really hard to come by.  We have a large pool of talent that is ready to work in 1-10 days. Stop by to review resumes and have a confidential meeting with a recruiter. Maybe … Read More

Kim Luze, HR Staffing Specialist

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Help us welcome Kim Luze to our team! Ensuring your organization is compliant in all aspects of HR is Kim’s expertise. As our HR Staffing Specialist, Kim is responsible for partnering with HR clients on management training needs, handbook compliance, employees’ issues, and more. With over 20 years of experience in training, staffing, and HR, there is no challenge too … Read More

Phil Krone, Asking for a Raise

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Asking for a merit increase is often the hardest conversation to have with an employer, but is sometimes a necessary conversation for the employee to bring up. Phil shares some excellent points on how to ask with ease and confidence!

Why Can’t I Get a Job?

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If you are asking yourself this question, there could be a number of reasons ranging from the way you present yourself on paper to the way you present yourself in person. Here are some reasons why you might not be landing a job you really want, or even an interview. Your resume and cover letter are far too general. If … Read More

Rush Hour Connect.

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April 26, 2018 4:30 – 6:00 pm 1119 4th Street  Sioux City, Iowa 51101         If you would have asked us Day 1 where we thought we’d be in 5 years we would have answered…we’ve made a difference in many local job seekers lives, helped business owners reach their goals by hiring top talent, gave back to … Read More

Reinventing Yourself the Smart Way!

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You’ve been at the same job for over 10 years. You like it, but you don’t love it. You don’t see any room for growth, and let’s face it, you haven’t had a raise since you started. You want to look around for another job, but you want to do something really different! You want to reinvent yourself using the … Read More

What is a Recruiter Looking For in a Topnotch Candidate?

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When you meet with a recruiter, you may wonder what exactly he/she is looking for to sell you to their clients. Here are some important things to showcase: Confidence and Manners: Don’t be sheepish and under-value yourself off the bat. Obviously, you want to be courteous and polite, but you want to show you are a strong person who believes in … Read More

B.I.G. News! Amy Macfarlane Joins the Elite Staffing Team.

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We have officially welcomed Amy Macfarlane to the team serving in the role of Executive Search and Recruitment.  As such, Macfarlane’s primary focus will be on continuing to enhance growth within the firm’s national search and recruitment niches, as well as continuing her role as a seasoned professional in local Business Development.   Ms. Macfarlane brings to the table over a decade … Read More

A New Year…A New You! 2018 Here We Come!

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With a few weeks left in 2017, there may be things on your “list” that feel overwhelming. Perhaps making a move in your career is one of them, and if you are unemployed, it could simply be finding “a job.” If this is one of the things at the top of your list as you begin 2018, there are some … Read More