Effective Workplace Communication Starts with You

Communication is something introduced to us at birth and even after years of experience, we still don’t always get it right. In the workplace, effective communication has a big role in the improving quality of customer service, morale and time management skills and productivity, not to mention it could be a distinguishing factor in whether or not you receive a promotion or raise.  Here are some tips to consider if you’re looking to improve or continue to strive for effective communication in the workplace.

Be Approachable

It’s hard to effectively communicate if you can’t be approachable. Be aware of the tone of your voice and your body language is open and welcoming. Having a positive attitude can make your everyday communication a happy experience for everyone.

Do Not Sugar Coat

Be clear and concise in your responses and specific in your directions. Make your goals clear and do your best not to leave anything out. Most importantly always tell the truth!

Aim for Confidence

If you want your colleagues to back up your ideas, show respect and recommend your expertise to others, you must have confidence. But please, do it in a way that is tasteful, keeping in mind not to be pretentious.


And have patience. Not everyone is perfect and eventually we make mistakes, but be willing to listen and don’t take it personally.  View any criticism with a willingness to learn and better your skills. If you’re the one giving the criticism, be patient and willing to teach.

There’s no doubt that effective communication is an absolute need in regards to the success of any business and the happiness of its employees. Whether you’re managing a group of employees or you’re an employee yourself, these basics skills will quickly improve or maintain your reputation for the better.

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