At Elite Executive Partners we believe that it isn’t just about finding work; it’s about finding out what works. Because of that belief, we do more than just place people with employers. We take the time necessary to understand the needs and potential of every job opening we post and every candidate we meet.

We know from years of experience that a solid, working relationship between a candidate and a company is based on honest expectations, personality matching, and articulated end goals. After all, we cannot be successful if our candidates are not successful, so we’ve perfected the art of asking the right questions and knowing the right answers.

Our knowledgeable team of industry and local business experts can help you make the best decisions for both your short and long term career goals. We realize it is hard to take a first step when you are not sure where you are going, and we’re here to provide professional guidance and resources as well as job opportunities to help you continue on your chosen path.

Chris Ferry


Prior to Elite Staffing, Chris was President and CEO of a local staffing agency. During her time there, she started a successful executive search firm with an office in Chicago. There she developed strong skills in all areas of worker’s compensation. Along with Elite Staffing, Chris is a partner at IBC Insurance. Chris is licensed in Property & Casualty for both personal and commercial insurance. Throughout her career, she has been a trusted partner and advisor to her clients in both insurance and staffing.

Stuart Lee


Stuart has over 25 years of leadership, entrepreneurial and business experience. Stuart is Owner of Innovative Benefits and  a  partner at IBC Insurance. His strong community ties and involvement has made him a trusted business adviser. He is a member of the National Association of Health Underwriters and has been honored with the Golden Eagle award on 5 different occasions, an award only given to the top health insurance writers in the country.

Chris Namanny


Chris is highly regarded as an expert in the Human Resources field and has twenty-plus years of experience in providing high level HR expertise to numerous corporations with employee numbers ranging from 10 to 500. She partners with owners on EEOC, employee turnover, safety compliance, OSHA, DOT, EPA, workers compensation, and unemployment issues. Chris is an extension to her clients staff, offering support in all areas of growth and challenges.

Lexi Morgan

Executive Recruiter & Director of Marketing

Some think job hunters use a recruiter because they aren't "good enough" to find a job on their own. Some believe if an employer hires a recruiter, their brand is not "strong" enough to attract talent. However, Lexi is here to say this is not the case, and loves proving this to you. She has worked with many reputable companies in Sioux City and across the nation, and most of these clients hire us because of our invaluable skill set to seek. When partnering with Lexi, she goes beyond job posts and applications. She seeks, identifies, and contacts applicants that fit the needs of your business. Most of these applicants aren't actively looking for a job. And guess what? We are pretty darn successful with this approach.  Over 60% of applicants we cold call are open to hearing about a new opportunity. 

Wearing multiple hats at Elite has made Lexi well versed in what services we should be providing and how we should be executing those services both to client companies and candidates. As an Executive Recruiter, Lexi leads talent searches in Human Resources, IT, Engineering, Accounting, and other leadership roles. She also oversees Elite's marketing efforts which include brand identity, advertising, and social media. "My time with Elite has been a rewarding and fun journey. I enjoy getting to know our community members and local businesses. Over the last few years, I have been exposed to national searches, so comparing these talent searches to our local employment landscape has been interesting.

Phil Krone

Executive Recruiter

Phil brings a wealth of business experience to Elite Staffing. He has been a managing partner in several businesses in Iowa and understands the importance of hiring and retaining top talent. Phil has developed relationships with many regional companies during his business career. He also managed several executive recruiters in the Midwest that found top talent for companies in engineering, finance and supply chain along with all C-level executive positions.

Genelle Teska

Supervisor of Staffing

If a client is working with our Staffing Supervisor, G Teska, all apprehensions they may have had initially about staffing companies subside. G runs her desk not unlike how she ran her probation officer desk - working with everyone's best interest in mind, listening to what they need, and lead in confidence and professionalism. G brings a unique interpretation of interviewing to our team with her background in investigative interviewing. As a Staffing Supervisor, G partners with clients to form a staffing and labor plan for clerical and industrial roles. She actively recruits and grows the talent pool in all administrative, skilled labor, and industrial positions and oversees the employees while onsite at our clients. G knows the hard work has paid off when she sees her employees succeeding and thriving in their new roles. 

Kim Luze

HR Consultant

Human Resources Consultant is an all-encompassing title that can be intimidating to employees. Kim does an exceptional job making HR a positive experience for our clients and their employees. She Partners with our clients and provides them with the proper tools and resources to create an engaging environment that promotes success. Conducting onsite training, compliance work, fact-findings, and handbook development are just a few of the many duties Kim performs. Along with overseeing many HR duties, Kim is also responsible for payroll for our staffing clients.

Before Elite Executive Partners, Kim held numerous management roles in the banking and assisted living industries. Kim enjoys working at Elite because she learns something new every day, and her role has provided her with exceptional professional development growth. She enjoys working with clients and training them on how to protect their organizations. "To train a manager or business owner and then see them successfully using those tools in a real-life situation is very rewarding. We know we made a difference."

Dani Lucchesi

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Dani Lucchesi's goal is to not only find a job that makes you happy but provide you with the knowledge and resources to ensure you are making a smart career move. With a deep understanding of our client's culture and environment, she can share insight into a role otherwise that you may not find.

Before Elite Executive Partners, Dani obtained her Bachelor's degree in International Business from Briar Cliff University. With this field of study, she gained exposure to human resources coursework that piqued her interest and helped her land an internship in the HR department at BCU. Dani played college volleyball and coaches at a local volleyball club. With her coaching background, Dani has the unique ability to help bring out the best of someone's skill set and showcase their strength; this plays well for Dani both on and off the court. Home to Dani is the warmth of Rio de Janeiro, and we are beyond excited she is now calling Siouxland home.

Alex Covarrubias

Director of Medical Staffing

Alex has a strong ambition to help medical communities find the best providers to care for their patients. Growing up in Nebraska, she saw the challenges small communities sometimes face to find prominent care and knew she wanted to solve this problem. With 12 years of customer service background in social work and medical staffing, Alex leads our medical division as the Director of Medical Staffing. Alex serves both rural and urban medical communities, prominently hospitals, partnering with management to create a customized staffing plan. She primarily recruits physicians, APPs, and CRNAs for both locum tenens and permanent placement.

One thing we can tell you for sure about our team, we have all gravitated to this industry of staffing and HR for the strong desire to help people better their lives and businesses!