Hire for Personality, Train for Skill.

Lexi Morgan

So, your recruiter found you a fabulous candidate. Their personality fits your company’s culture like a glove; however, his/her skillset is not quite what you need at the moment. Through the interview process, you have determined you want to hire this person, but you can see holes in their experience and knowledge for the position you need to fill. What to do? Well, one way to look at it is: you can’t change who they are, but you can change what they know. It may be worth taking the chance on a candidate with a dynamic personality and offering in-depth training to be successful. Here are some reasons why:

Follow my lead. If you offer this person skill-training and education, it is probable that they will follow your lead and work the way you want them to. There are no bad habits, or “this isn’t the way I’ve done it before.” It’s like learning how to play golf for the first time as an adult. There are no bad habits to get over, because you are new to the game.

See the Light. As your new hire is learning how to do the job, they may see ways to be more creative, be more efficient, and even do the job better. As they learn, they’ll bring new ideas to the position, which may make you see things in a new way for your company, shedding new light on how things should look in the future.

The More you Grow. Taking a chance on someone new and seeing it work out may create growth in other areas. Perhaps you ask your recruiter to find dynamic people who will fit your culture. With many positions, culture match is equally important to skill set. Soon, you may have a company filled with a dynamic team of people who are creating growth that you never imagined.

Sweat Equity. Chances are, if this person is a go-getter and willing to learn new skills to work for you, they are going to work hard to show that they can be successful. Putting the hours in on education and training is never easy, and this person now has a stake in the position and the company.

Using a recruiter to scan candidates offers you a great way to have a bank of candidates at the ready to interview. Your recruiter will take the time to understand the culture of your company and the personality traits you are looking for in a candidate. As your company is growing, your recruiter is there to find you great candidates in the background. Not only does that make your life easier, it helps you grow in smart ways, and that’s something any business leader strives for each day!

Now, we are not saying to hire a Marketing Director for a Senior Tax Accountant. You also need to look for candidates with transferrable skills.

Read our article next week on how to identify transferable skills in candidates.