At Elite Staffing, we firmly believe your team is the foundation of an organization. Building a knowledgeable, adaptable, and passionate team, your businesses opportunities for success is endless. We can help you build that team.
Welcome to Elite Executive Partners, Sioux City’s premier executive search placement firm for Executive Recruitment, Temp-to-Hire, Temporary, and Skilled Labor positions. Our deep roots in this growing business community allow us to continually develop our extensive referral network through strong relationships with our clients.
Elite Executive Partners prides itself on being a single contact business; our clients can make one connection to reach a vast resource of industry links, networks, and affiliations. As Sioux City’s premier clerical staffing and professional recruitment firm, we provide employment solutions from the top down, supporting Executive Search needs as well as strong support staff placement.
The Elite Executive Partners team is well versed in the expectations and corporate culture of the companies in the Siouxland area, and we have refined a sixth sense in knowing where a candidate will be the most successful to the benefit of everyone involved.
We are proud to connect Siouxland’s strongest employers to Siouxland’s most promising talent. We provide highly qualified and experienced employees for Temporary Staffing, Temp-to-Hire Staffing, Executive Recruitment, and skilled labor services.

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