Hiring an Intrepreneur for your Entrepreneurial Venture

Lexi Morgan

You started up your own company last year, and you are surprised by your own growth…it’s going well! You actually need help! But, wait…this is your baby. You’ve been the one up nights worrying about how things are going, if you are going to make it, how you can achieve your sales goals. What if you hire someone and they screw it all up?

You took a risk to get here. You’ll probably have to take more to move forward.

Hiring an Intrepreneur means that you find someone who shows just as much investment in your “baby” as you do. They will fight for your company and show the energy and responsibility you need in that confident and trustworthy employee that you desperately need. They will be innovative, comfortable taking risks, and ready to begin running with new ideas. Here are some questions you can use when screening for this vital person.

  1. Why would you want to work for a company that is just starting up?
  2. What are some of your ideas on how to grow this company?
  3. What sets you apart from others when it comes to using technology/social media?
  4. Who do you see as a competitor for this business? How could we market ourselves differently than them?
  5. Are you willing to work hours outside the 8-5 timeframe on a regular basis?

Obviously, anyone can answer these in the ways you want to hear, but often, you can gauge their energy for a growing company by the way the candidate answers it. If they are showing a lot of initiative just through the interview process, chances are the candidate will be excited to grow with a new company. If they appear to be searching for an answer and unsure, then you know this is probably not the right candidate for you. If you have a recruiter interview your candidates, they may have a more objective view about who may be the perfect fit. Experienced recruiters know how to dig deeper in the interview process to find those qualities you are looking for.

Growth is awesome, and hiring your first employee can be daunting. However, there are many candidates out there looking for a place to shine. There are many qualified, talented people who do not want the responsibility of business ownership; however, they are more than happy to support those who are!