A Letter from the Elite Staff

Lexi Morgan


The news is spreading! What was once known as the, “New and Up-Coming” staffing firm on Historic 4th Street, is now being referred to as the, “Career Finding, Business Building, Executive Job Experts,” providing efficient and time-saving ways to connect with motivated people who are passionate about a career, not just a paycheck.

In starting as a new business, we thought the growth (all organic might we add) would be slow and much to our surprise, it has been much quicker than anticipated. We remember all the way back to the excitement of our first “official” day in business: creating all processes and procedures, finalizing the employee handbook, writing standard interview questions, selecting marketing materials and logo and of course making sales calls! Success takes time and hard work. Our office has been focused on teamwork from the start and it’s time we stop and take a moment, not only to show our gratitude, but to CELEBRATE!

We’ve created better, efficient processes, grown in size, and have helped even more candidates and companies with placing great people at great places in just 3 short years. We’re constantly improving and finding better ways to get things accomplished and we only plan to continue!

What’s the most rewarding part of our work? When we are able to take away the stress of finding great people to fill a position so our clients can focus on building their business and also knowing we are making an important impact in our candidate’s lives by helping them find their perfect career!

The passion that our employees and partners have for this company is unreal. We all have one common goal—to create a place where both businesses and candidates can confidentially partner with us. The sense of accomplishment felt by bridging specific talent with the staffing needs of our client companies is the most rewarding aspect of our work. Our focus continues to lie in finding exceptional talent for Siouxland businesses, being an advocate for our candidates and providing expert guidance to both. We come to work every day knowing that we’re here to make a difference for individuals and businesses in Siouxland—and we have fun doing it!

Thank you for 3 great years! The best is yet to come.


-The Elite Staff