LinkedIn Hacks.

Lexi Morgan

Ahhh LinkedIn. Our ever so helpful promoter and networking friend! LinkedIn can be a great tool for job seekers as well as employers, but are you taking full advantage of this social tool? It can be difficult keeping up with the social world. So how do you get the most out of your LinkedIn experience? Trust us, the better you promote yourself, the more likely your chances are of landing the right job, growing client lists, or just connecting with great people. Follow these LinkedIn hacks to help you stand out!

Profile Meets Personality.

It may sounds strange, but DO give your profile a personality. Not only will you stand out, but, you are giving employers and people in general, a little snapshot of who you are and how you work. Now, using your judgment is obviously important here. Keep your grammar on point, but from writing your summary to your experience in organizations and involvement, even your cover photo; don’t be afraid to share your passions in a way that is uniquely you.

Don’t talk as much about what you’ve DONE, talk about what you can DO.

This is where posting content comes into play. LinkedIn allows you to share content written by you. Similar to a blog, this is another way to share your knowledge, interests, talents and abilities through writing.

Complete your Profile.

And keep it up to date. You can do everything from sharing honors & awards, volunteer work, completed courses, projects, certifications and even patents. Take advantage of presenting your work. Want to build the resume of your dreams? Check out Linkedin’s Resume Builder.

Get Endorsed.

You may already have a few endorsements that show your skill set. But, don’t be afraid to ask. Chances are, if you’ve connected with the right people, they won’t even hesitate.

Join Groups.

Joining LinkedIn’s groups not only allows you the benefits of keeping up with your industries discussion topics, it also gives you access to the profiles of those group members, giving you the opportunity to network.

Use LinkedIn to Network.

Groups are just one of the many ways of networking through LinkedIn. Don’t be afraid to send a message; introducing yourself is the first step to a great connection. You can also request an introduction to contact 2nd-degree connections. Who knows what the outcome could be? Perhaps it’s your new job!