New Staffing Services at Elite

Lexi Morgan

We get it, running a business will keep you busy enough and now you have the additional responsibility of hiring multiple new employees at once. We have a unique service where we partner with management and act as a vetting source for your job openings.

Elite will post and manage your open job postings on external sites and source through the candidates to determine who would be a fit. Our next step is to interview top candidates and forward on all qualifying candidates to management. This service has been utilized and shown to be effective in many industries and regions.

► Develop an evaluation strategy that complies with federal and state law

► Coordinate appropriate job boards

► Organize selection criteria and use tools to assess candidates

► Utilize job applications and testing, when appropriate, to qualify  candidates

► Conduct interviews with top candidates

► Refer top candidates to management or panel for final interviewing and decision

► Check references and perform background checks, if desired, for  prospective new hires

► Rate and compare  candidates based on  selection criteria

► Notify selected candidate and send offer letter or contract, if appropriate

► Send rejection letter to remaining candidates after job offer is  accepted

► Obtain signed confidentiality or non-compete agreements, if appropriate