Make a Career for Yourself. Temporary Style!

Lexi Morgan

If you are sitting in a dead-end job, are unsure about what you want to do, or like having flexibility and freedom while working, this is for you! There may be a perfect option waiting for you with a client of ours as a temporary or contract employee. What is a temporary or contract job? It is a job that is only for a certain range of time, perhaps because someone is on leave, or it is a project-based position, or they may be “trying things out” to see what is needed long term with the company. Through these temporary jobs, you can become more marketable than some people coming out of long term careers. Why?

You Learn a Variety of Skills

If you show that you are flexible and able to fit where needed, our recruiters will feel confident that they can place you in a number of different settings. With each new experience comes new skills that you are learning and honing. Then, you can put them all together and showcase your many different skills, making you very marketable as a permanent employer (if that’s what you want) or as the perfect contract employee!

You Network

Say you have had 2-6 temp positions throughout the year at a variety of businesses throughout your community…you have met a lot of people. You create a wonderful network of colleagues that you can call upon for advice, as a reference, for help with a new skill you are learning, or maybe just to grab a coffee and talk shop. Having a powerful network is extremely important as you grow in your career path.

You Create Job Security on Your Schedule

Once you have shown your worth and ability, you know that companies will request you in the future. Our recruiters will keep your number handy when needs arise, and you may find you are turning work away at times. You can plan around children’s activities and vacation time without any penalty. Do you have kids in baseball and are consumed with games and travel? Note taken, no pressure to accept a new job at that time. Basically, you work when you want.

You Work Without Drama

As a temporary employee, you get the opportunity to fill a need and then boogie out of there when the contract is up. It may be that you are sad to leave, or you are happy to get out of nonsense. Even if you do more temp work at a drama-filled office, you know that you are only there for a fixed time, so the drama does not worry you. You just go about your day and stay out of the fray.

Your list of skills and experiences grow, and you have a large network of people to vouch for you. You show your flexibility in working at a number of different companies and being successful, and you are not job hopping. Instead, you are filling needs when they arise. 

Putting your name in the pool for temporary or contract positions is a great move if you want to learn new skills, build your resume, grow your network, and create a successful career for yourself. Contact Elite today to get started!