A New Year…A New You! 2018 Here We Come!

Lexi Morgan

With a few weeks left in 2017, there may be things on your “list” that feel overwhelming. Perhaps making a move in your career is one of them, and if you are unemployed, it could simply be finding “a job.” If this is one of the things at the top of your list as you begin 2018, there are some great ways to prepare now for the New Year…New You.

Get Healthy:

Start the workout routine now, not on January 2. Why? Because if you are healthy and feeling fit, you are more likely to be motivated and have a healthy frame of mind. A great workout in the morning can get you moving for the day and more apt to get more accomplished. If you have been making poor choices in your diet, now is the time to make some better ones. Put down the sugary drinks and grab the water. Instead of a donut in the morning or sugary cereal, grab yogurt and fruit. Staying up until 2AM watching Netflix? Get to bed by 10PM and wake up early for your new workout routine. It’s amazing what feeling healthy can do for your body and your mind.

Get Organized:

If you organize your home, garage, storage space, office, closets, etc. now, you will not have this excuse once the New Year is here, “I’ll work on my job search AFTER I clean the garage.” And, then you go take a nap instead, right? If your surroundings are uncluttered, it often makes your brain uncluttered as well. You can focus on the things you really need to work on and not feel like you are living in a big mess.

Get Working:

Line up a meeting with a reputable recruiter now for right after the New Year, knowing that you’ll have to go to that meeting with a resume in hand that they can help you improve. Start writing down anything you could put in an updated resume: new skills acquired, an updated list of volunteer activities and Boards you have served on, anything that helps you in your job search. Network with people that may be able to offer you a reference or a job! Going to business events for your local Chamber is a great way to talk to people and find out if they are looking for a great hire in the New Year. Feeling productive and working on your job search before it starts gives you a sense of purpose and drive for the future.

Get Calm:

Working meditation into your daily routine can help you focus and de-stress as you head into your job search. We all know that looking for a new career or position can make anyone anxious, as it usually means making big decisions for yourself. It can mean taking some risks for you and for your family, but if you find ways to center yourself and find peace in your mind and spirit, you will be able to make more sound decisions for yourself.

Call Elite Staffing today to set up that meeting for after the New Year! We are here to make your 2018 amazing!