Organizing your Job Search

Lexi Morgan

When you are actively looking for a job, whether you are unemployed or trying to transition from the job you already have, it is important to get organized. Looking for employment should be treated like a job in itself. Here are five tips for organization.

  1. Go to the professionals. Meet with one of our recruiters who can look over your current resume and help you revise and improve it for your search. Often, you have a few different versions of your resume for different types of positions. Recruiters do not charge you to help you in your job search, and why not go to an expert for help! They know the market, and they know how to make you shine.
  2. Practice interviewing. Again, our recruiters can help you with this. Attend our free interview work shop to polish up your interviewing skills. In addition, you can look through potential questions through an online search. Write down and practice your answers to some general questions that might be asked of you. Think of examples of projects and accomplishments of yours to reference when answering questions.
  3. Create your look. If you have one or two “power” outfits that make you feel confident, that is fine. Just make sure they are pressed and ready to go for your interviews. And, don’t forget to polish your shoes!
  4. Make an Excel spreadsheet of all the places you are applying, calling, emailing, or even considering. You’ll want to put their phone numbers, people you talked to, what the conversation has consisted of, whether or not you sent over a resume, and when you followed up with them. As your search gets busier, it is very easy to forget who you talked to and when, and it definitely will not help you if you call the same person you spoke to yesterday by accident and ask the same questions. There are many ways to stay on top of your search. In fact, there are several apps you can use right on your phone. So, do your research, and find the one that works best for you. If a notebook with a pen is your way, then that’s fine, but make sure you are keeping track of your efforts and conversations.

Great Resource for Job Search Apps:

  1. No matter what happens, after the interview, send a note of thanks for their time and consideration. Even if you know it’s not a good fit for you, keep those relationships in good standing. You never know when your paths might cross again!

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