Preparing for Your Job Search 101

Lexi Morgan

Whether you just got out of college, or you are looking to change your career path, there are some important steps to take to prepare for your job search.

  1. Update your cover letter and resume with help.

This is where a recruiter can really help you get started in the right direction. It definitely helps to get advice from an expert about how to format your resume with the wording and organization of information. Also, resumes and letters will need to be tweaked depending the position for which you are applying. You may want to emphasize certain skills for different jobs. A recruiter can help you figure out the right way to make changes and updates, without making it a pain-staking event.

  1. Clean up your Social Media.

You may want to get rid of those pictures from last year’s music festival where you were holding beers in a bikini top, just sayin’… This is the time to clean up any photos or posts that may make you look rude, disrespectful, or foolish. Potential employers are going to take a look and try to find out what you are about, so just make sure their perception in all ways is positive.

  1. Shine your Shoes.

In fact, you may need to invest a little bit in your interviewing wardrobe. You don’t have to break the bank, but make sure your shoes are shined up or new, your clothing does not look worn out and is pressed, and your appearance is clean and tidy. Now is not the time to get the pink hair extensions and a nose ring that you always wanted while applying for a business manager position. There is nothing wrong with self-expression, but you want your appearance to say, “I’m confident and respectful of this opportunity!”

  1. Do your Research.

When you are going into your job search, research the positions well that you are applying for and take notes. When you get the call for the interview, you want to be on the ready to go and know what the company’s mission statement is and what the position entails. The person interviewing you believes in the company, and they will want to feel that you are a good addition to the team. Going in with knowledge and understanding about the company will make them feel like you are a great fit!

  1. De-Stress.

Searching for jobs is stressful, especially when you really want to make a change or find that first great job. However, you have to take breaks at times and let yourself breathe. One of the best things you can do is exercise in the moments when you are feeling worried or upset about how the process is going. Another great piece of advice is to volunteer or get a part time job to keep you busy. It’s important to feel like you are contributing in a positive way either in your household or simply to the world around you. Laying around waiting for someone to call for an interview can make anyone feel anxious or down.

Good luck in your search, and be sure to call a recruiter today to help you get started!