Protecting clients- HR Services

Lexi Morgan

With the tax season gearing up, many of you will be meeting with clients, helping them prepare for Uncle Sam’s bill. As a confidant to your clients, you may be the one they turn to for advice in times of trouble or prosperity. Because of this, it is important to be aware of business solution services like the risk-management based HR services at Elite Staffing.

We provide guidance to business owners and leaders on EEOC claims, unemployment issues, conflict resolution, management training, succession planning, employee discipline and termination, and more. By doing so, we allow decision makers the opportunity to boost productivity and focus more on their organization. Your clients can partner with us to protect and grow their business.

For example,  perhaps the leader of an organization wants to retire, but is struggling with their transition and exit strategy. They are unsure about how to leave gracefully and how to replace their position in the organization, as well as a variety of other factors related to their retirement. Implementing a succession plan offers a viable solution to the leader of this organization, helping make the dream of retiring a reality. Or, say your client has a consistent issue with an employee. Elite Staffing will train managers on how to set clear expectations, properly document employee issues, conduct fact findings, and implement proper progressive discipline.


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