At Elite Executive Partners, we firmly believe your team is the foundation of an organization. Building a knowledgeable, adaptable, and passionate team, your businesses opportunities for success is endless. We can help you build that team.

We work closely with our clients to thoroughly assess and understand the needs of their organizations. We then develop a customized solution to enhance the search for executive, upper management, and professional candidates. We offer unmatched industry affiliations and an extensive referral network in conjunction with our commitment to recruit, interview, verify, and select the best fit for your company.

Human Resources

State and National employment laws are continuously changing.  Consequently, it is very important that employers are knowledgeable on updated employment policies. This is where we come in. We will partner with you to keep your business legally compliant according to all current employment laws, general best practices, and other guidelines.

Executive Recruitment

The strength of a company is a direct correlation to the strength of its leadership. Elite Executive Partners is in the unique position of being able to identify, match, and place executive candidates into organizations where both can thrive and succeed.

We know, however, that Professional Recruitment isn’t always about finding the talent; people possessing strong skills in upper management or professional fields often have a reputation that precedes them. Where we show our value to our clients is in our ability to attract the area’s top candidates and place them in their organizations where they can best share their strengths.

Clerical Staffing

One thing we know for sure: Our most profitable clients understand how a strong office staff (whom we like to call the foundation of a business) is integral to the success of their business.

Another thing we know: Finding qualified and remarkable candidates to fill administrative, clerical, human resource, and accounting positions is often something that should have been done yesterday. To ensure that your company continues to thrive and grow, Elite Executive Partners can quickly and efficiently fill positions with experienced employees, whether they are needed on a temporary or permanent basis.

Our candidates have been carefully selected based on their skills, education, work history, and credentials to ensure a perfect fit within your office.

Industrial Staffing

We know you have many options for your light industrial hiring needs. So why should you partner with us? Well for starters, we consider ourselves your partner not your vendor. We are here for guidance and solutions even after your hiring needs are fulfilled.

Our team understand that in the competitive Siouxland market, people are the difference. In the end, your people will help you stand out from your competitors. Partner with us to find the talent that will help your business not only reach but exceeds production goals.