So You Need a Job? Where Do You Start?

Lexi Morgan

Whether you’re actively looking for a job or just openly available to the next best opportunity, you may be a great fit for our growing group of candidates. You might be looking for a more challenging career, but where you start, can be one of the most challenging steps of all.

We take pride in finding the “perfect match” for both the talent, as well as the employer. Because of this, we take a very tailored approach that will ensure that we find that “perfect match.” Now, don’t be discouraged; you must have confidence in yourself and your abilities. That’s exactly how you’ll stand out amongst several other applicants in this fast paced culture of job searching. Here’s how the Elite process works.

So you might ask yourself, “Am I even qualified to be an Elite candidate?”

Our jobs range anywhere from $10/hr to $100,000+ a year in a variety of industries and are for candidates of all skill levels. Some of our candidates have been in the workplace for years, while others are placed fresh out of college. Elite truly believes that great talent and personality, mixed with the right workplace culture, are what make the perfect match!

To ensure this perfect match is met, we get to know each potential candidate and the businesses looking to hire. We enjoy building our business relationships and over time, a great trust in each other. Our business clients know that anyone we send their way will be someone they should truly consider. We know their time is valuable and that’s exactly why we are here to help!

Get to know us!

We want to meet you! Elite is unique in that we take a very personal approach in the staffing industry. After receiving your resume, we’ll sit down for an informal interview. (NO SUIT AND TIE needed! This is not a wedding and you are not Justin Timberlake…) Think, coffee and casual! We want to get to know who you are. Tell us your skills, your interests, your goals. Let’s chat and build a relationship! If we like what we see and hear, we’ll move on to the next step, placement!


Congratulations, you’re in! Elite is very particular when choosing candidates. Why? Because it’s in the core of what we do! We want to bring an optimal mutual reward for both the candidate and business. The only way to do that is to wisely select the best talent!

Once we make the decision to work with you, it’s only a matter of time before we find the perfect match. Sometimes, we are able to place people in only days or weeks, but, some of our candidates are currently working in a position and aren’t in a big rush. That’s ok with us! We love seeing that people are open to searching for the next best thing for their career and when the opportunity presents itself, we are there to make the connection.

The other end of the Spectrum

Like our candidates, we are just as personal with the businesses we serve. Elite believes in building a strong business relationship. We want to find out who they are and what they are about so that when it’s time to connect them with a potential candidate, they go together as good as a smooth glass of Merlot and slice of Gouda. (Yes, we love our wine. We meet Fridays at 4!)

Post Placement

The excitement doesn’t end there! Even after you’ve been placed we want you to know you are appreciated. It’s important to us to keep in touch. That’s what networking is all about right? We don’t forget about you and will always keep you in mind for referrals. The rewards are limitless!

Referral Program

Seriously guys, the second best thing next to feeling appreciated is, being rewarded. Am I right? We appreciate your service and for that, we’ve designed our new Referral Program. Refer a friend to Elite and you can earn a $25-$200 referral bonus. Anyone can participate. Fill out a referral sheet today!

So, what are you waiting for? To review open, available positions head to the Elite website. Contact us by phone, or hey, stop in and introduce yourself. We are real people and we want to get to know the real you! And remember, no suit necessary, let’s just have a conversation…and some coffee!

Our office is located at 1119 4th street Suite #109. Look for the big, round, green emblem and don’t forget your resume!