The SUCCESS in Using a Staffing Firm

Lexi Morgan
Whether you are the applicant looking for work or you are the business looking for applicants, using a staffing firm offers you a sure way to find SUCCESS.

S: The staff is there to help you, period. They have one mission in mind, help the clients find a great job or find the perfect employees. They want the client to tell their friends and colleagues that their staffing firm is the one to use in town and how great of a job you did.

U: Understanding the client’s needs and process. If you are a company looking for great employees, staffing firms understand the legwork that needs to go into it. Marketing for and screening candidates before they send them to a company is priority number 1, and it saves a company a lot of time and effort. Firms also understand that candidates may not know how to market themselves through their resume or an interview and can help prepare them.

C: Core values are at the center of a staffing firm’s work. Preaching and practicing a culture of integrity and diligence is something that staffing firms have to do to make sure their reputation is strong. People want to do business with firms who are ethical and follow through promises.

C: Clients are number one, always. If a firm lets that slip, they probably need to shut the door. Firms have to treat every client like they are valuable and worthy of your respect and time. No client can feel like they are a nuisance or not appreciated. Firms need to treat their clients like gold every time, as the best marketing you can do is word of mouth through your clients to others.

E: Every recruiter is hungry for work. The staff at staffing firms understand that their “big clients” who use them to staff consistently could have a bad quarter or year at any given moment. Economic shifts can happen overnight, and surprise closings happen. With that in mind, staffing firms do not settle on being complacent in their work, and they are always looking for clients and want to show them they are the best firm around.

S: Success is about choosing clients wisely. Yes, staffing firms want clients to staff for, but they don’t want to send their candidates out to a company that will treat them poorly. Staffing firms want to roll out the red carpet for their company clients, but only if they know that when they send a candidate, it will be a wonderful experience.

S: Sticking to the process is key. Staffing firms do not veer off path when it comes to applications, onboarding, orientations, and the like. They want to please the clients and do things the right way every time with a candidate, so the process a company client wants is what will happen every time. All of the staff at a staffing firm has to be on the same page about how they work with the clients, or their job could be on the line as a recruiter.