What are your Summer Networking Plans?

Lexi Morgan

Summer is the perfect time for swimming, ball games, vacation, iced coffee, backyard BBQ’s, NETWORKING! Although the weather hasn’t quite shown it yet, summer is quickly approaching and so are new opportunities. We encourage you to take advantage of the “Summer slow down” as an opportunity to meet new people, build up trusted relationships and get more involved in the community. Here are 4 rules to follow to help you do networking the RIGHT way!

Set a Goal

So simple yet sometimes so difficult! Big or small, setting a goal is the start to getting things done. In the case of networking, goals are very helpful! Start by setting a specific number of people you’d like to meet at a function or focus on how many dates you want to fill up with coffee/lunch meetings on your calendar.

The Do’s & Do Not’s

The point of networking is not to sell, it’s to connect! Everyone knows the general rule of thumb. DO NOT SELL…but, DO ask open ended questions, interact with people and share your experiences. Don’t forget to practice your elevator pitch. It’s important to know how to explain your “career story!”

 Be Genuine. Be Interested. Be a Resource.

Networking should not be a performance. When you go into a function with this perspective, you’ll see how fun it can be. Being genuine and simply getting to know people automatically helps take the edge off. Be yourself! Listen and show interest in what the other person is saying and always be thinking of how you can be of help to them.

Follow Up!

Nothing shows interest more than following up and yet it’s the number one thing that people forget to do in the networking process. It’s as simple as a quick email or hand written note. Say thank you!

Whether you’re volunteering, attending an event or meeting someone for lunch, don’t just network…connect! Making useful connections through networking will lead to great opportunities.

One last thing, don’t forget your business cards!

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