The Art of Finding Leaders…Within

Lexi Morgan

The Art of Finding Leaders…Within

You have a growing business or a well-established one. You need more leaders to join you in running the show. Sometimes the best way to find them is to look within before you do a search for someone new. You can start by looking around at your employees, the ones who already understand the culture of your business, and may even deserve the chance to gain a promotion and develop their career.

How do you find leaders within your organization? Here are some tips.

  1. Who is consistently engaged?

    Think about the projects going on in your business or even the meetings you hold. Who are the people asking good questions? Who are the people taking the lead on various projects and following through with them? Maybe some of your employees are picking up the pieces when others are dropping the ball. These are people who take leadership well and run with it; if they can do it on the small projects, watch them soar with the big ones.

  2. Who has a great attitude?

    Watch for the people who are lifting others up, instead of tearing them down. Who are the people who never seem to complain, even when you know they have a lot on their plate, personally and professionally? They take things in stride, and make the best of any situation. This person may be the perfect person to take under your wing and mentor into a leadership role.

  3. Who creates change?

    If you have an employee that brought up a great idea and implemented it that changed the culture of your company, keep an eye on them. Perhaps they organized a walking group over the lunch hour, and it has helped with the wellness of your company. Or, perhaps this person asked if they could organize a “lunch and learn” for the people in their department about a new product, and soon “lunch and learns” became a great tool for education with your staff. People who bring great ideas to the table are definitely people you want to join you at the top.

  4. Who is accountable?

    If an employee says, “I made a mistake on that project, and I’ll take the blame and learn from it,” you may have a great future leader. It means a lot more to own mistakes than to make excuses and blame others. Obviously, if an employee consistently makes errors that hamper your business, that is not a positive thing. However, if an employee makes a mistake and is able to say what they learned from it for the future, that is a sign of a great leader and someone you can trust to be honest.

  5. Who can communicate with others?

    Who is able to talk in front of others well? Who can talk to other employees, in a way that is helpful and not condescending? Who is able to mentor others as they come in the door? Watch for empathy and compassion in the staff you have. You want leaders who can make the difficult decisions and reign with confidence, but you also need people who care about your company, your employees, and the culture around you.

Finding leaders for your company can sometimes be a nerve-wracking prospect. After all, you grew this company, and you want to keep it going. With these tips, we think you’ll find the right people. And, if you want us to screen some of your potential leaders, we’d be happy to, whether they are working for you or should be!