The Lure of Working for a Small Business

Lexi Morgan

When searching for a job, I think often we are drawn to the larger corporations. The shiny well-known logo, [possibly] greater chance of job security, and health insurance benefits are just a few of the many perks they offer. While these larger corporations are indeed an exceptional place to work, we don’t want you overlooking the small businesses.  Why are these small businesses just as enticing to work for? Here’s why.


Working at a small business provides an environment that is very attractive. You feel like part of a “family” and really know your employer and co-workers. While certain people like the feeling of some anonymity at work, others search out the  small business where they feel important to its growth and prosperity.


When you work at a small business, there is always potential for growth. It is exciting to work at a business that will soon someday have three times more employees than it has now. When you’ve been there since the beginning with a business, you may have a greater chance to end up in a leadership position.


Some candidates may search out a small business environment, because chances are, the leaders will be a bit more flexible about your schedule. It may not be true in all cases, but since the business is smaller, the employer may be a bit more understanding about running to an event at school or leaving a few minutes early on some days. Corporations with a large staff often can have strict rules about any time taken off during the day, making it difficult for working parents or people trying to earn a degree while working full time.


If you are nervous about starting your career or getting back in the workforce and taking on new responsibilities with different skills, working for a small business provides an environment to learn. It is less intimidating to ask questions, and there are not 20 other staff members competing for time with leadership. Many new teachers say that working in a small school when they first begin teaching helped them to grow as an educator and feel confident about moving into a larger school. The same can be said for growing with a small business to begin a new career.

Small businesses that are locally grown and owned can be the magic words to some candidates. They want their community to grow from the inside and want to help small, local businesses to flourish.

While many small companies do not offer benefits such as health insurance. Their other benefits such as flexibility, potential, and culture are creating a real competition for larger businesses.