The Perfect Clerical Temp Candidate

You’ve most often known Elite Staffing as the bridge between employee and employer continually focusing on finding the perfect candidates for executive level and professional positions. But, perhaps it's time for a change. Today, let’s think a bit more outside the usual…

The Clerical Temp Job.

Often time’s temp jobs are seen as being just that, temporary, “just another side job,” or sometimes even pointless due to its definite end. However, this is not always the case and you could be missing out on its benefits! So, brainstorm with us for a second. What type of person should consider a clerical temp job and why?

The Perfect Temp Candidate.

It’s all about finding the right people. Here are a few scenarios for a great temp job candidate.

  1. The Stay at Home Mom (or Dad)
  2. The Newbie-Do you have gaps in your work history or very little to show on your resume?
  3. The Graying Workforce- Are you returning from retirement or are looking for that happy medium?
  4. The Career Changer-If you are thinking about switching careers, the temp job is for you!

Temp positions may not be for everyone but for those that do fit the description, this is your niche! Now, onto the perks.

New Skills+Experience

Whether you had skills and experience before or not, you are sure to come out of any temp position with just that! Temp jobs can help you fill in those questionable gaps employers don’t like to see and your newfound skills show the ability and willingness to learn and grow.


You can never have enough connections! Temp positions can really help add to your group of contacts. Always take this opportunity at its full value. Networking always pays off!

To be Temporary, or Not to be Temporary.

That is the question…figuratively speaking. The job is clearly temporary, but in some circumstances if the employee exceeds expectations, there could be a chance that they are offered a permanent position or referred to a slightly different position. Either way, you now have skills that you didn’t have before and a great reference to back up those skills.

Elite Staffing would love to help find the right temp job for you. If any of the scenarios we presented describe you, let’s connect! And if you already have, we will be sure to help you on to the next job when your current one comes to a close. No questions asked!