So, you want to make a career move?

Lexi Morgan

So, you want to make a career move?

Well, we can help you, even if the position you are applying for may seem like a stretch from what you have been doing for the past 20 years. Let’s consider this scenario: you have taught middle school for 10 years, and you have decided as much as you love the pre-teen drama, you are ready to work only with adults. You have a degree in Secondary Education with an Emphasis in English. And, you coached middle school volleyball for 4 years. In the summer, you worked retail at times, and also waitressed other times. One summer, you worked for a landscaping company and took direction on planting for high end residential homes in mainly gated communities.

And, the positions you are applying for are in Program Development and Marketing. I bet you are asking yourself this: How do I take my skills from the past 10 years and create a resume that gets noticed in these new career arenas?

This may seem overwhelming, but that’s why we are here! It’s called transferring skills, and we are experts at it.

Present Skills

  • Leadership: You led students and athletes. Plus, there are probably other ways you were a leader in your school.
  • Communication: This is an easy one. You communicated through your teaching.
  • Flexibility: As an educator, there are days when you definitely have to roll with it. Plus, you show that you are flexible with the other jobs you took on in the summers.
  • Coaching: literally, but also coaching through educating.
  • Interpersonal skills: As a teacher, you had to work with other instructors, administrators, teachers, and students.
  • Development: Developing a course plan each year is much like developing a programmatic or marketing plan.
  • Creativity: You have to be creative when you teach, especially to make the content interesting!
  • Working with a variety of people: You’ve worked with people through teaching, through coaching, and waitressing definitely can put you in front of a lot of different personalities.
  • Technical Expertise: Chances are you know how to use Word, Power Point, Excel, and maybe more! Plus, you are an educator, so you are all about gaining knowledge and open to learning how to learn new things.

Making the Transfer

We can take these very marketable skills and help you create a resume that showcases them to a new employer. It’s a matter of us interviewing you and taking you through our unique pre-screen process to determine your core competencies to showcase in your job search. Here is a new way to list your Leadership skills for your new resume:

  • Ability to lead and communicate well with people from different generations in creative ways for a positive outcome.

It’s true, and it takes your prior skills in education and transfers them to the business world.

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