Work Etiquette—Top 4 Behaviors You Won’t Get Away With

One would think that work etiquette would be in the category called common sense, but all too often the feeling of comfort sets in and it’s easy to forget the simplest of acceptable workplace behaviors. Being teachable is a great trait to keep with you as you grow in your career as well as in personal maturity so, take a few minutes to remind yourself of the work behaviors most often broken. Whether you manage a team or are working your way up the ladder, these behaviors deserve your attention and make an impact to your level of success.

Say No to Gossip

From co-workers to your boss, you should NEVER EVER gossip in the workplace. Please note, using work email for gossip, inappropriate or non-work related conversation is also a big No-No. It WILL come back to you! Getting in trouble for gossip at work is ten times the headache of your annoying co-workers. If you do have problem or issues to discuss, talking to your boss is a much better way to move towards a resolution.

Child-like Behavior

Angry fits of rage, stomping around like a baby, whining, complaining and the like? Believe it or not, it happens in the workplace more often than you think. If you are frustrated and need to take a quick second to yourself, by all means do! But, think before you act. A dramatic production is better left at the theater.

Cell Phone Usage

People, people, people; the struggle is real! You know when it’s appropriate to use your phone and when it’s not. Most employers are understanding if you have children, are expecting an important call or in cases of emergency. But please, respect the workplace! You aren’t being paid to text your friends out of boredom or check your social media every 5 minutes. Think how much more you can accomplish if you’d just put your phone away!

Faking It

There are so many directions this one could go but all in all, please be genuine. Lying and disguising yourself as someone you are not, will dig you a big hole. Credibility is huge in the workplace and one silly little lie could change everything. Lets face it, being honest and having integrity are a lot less work then always trying to keep your story straight.

So, the lesson learned here is this. While common sense should keep you from performing some if not all of these behaviors, one thing is certain, if you do these you will not find yourself successful in the workplace. And, at the end of the day may even lose your job. So, when a challenge does present itself, make sure to communicate with your boss and handle it appropriately. We think you’ll find the result to be much sweeter in the end.