4 Reasons You Need a Mentor

Lexi Morgan

We’ve met many different types of people through our work as a staffing agency. Though they may differ in age, ability and experience, they all have a common bond—Aspirations. As a matter of fact, we can confidently say that this applies to more then just the people we work with.

Big or small, everyone has their own goals, dreams and aspirations. But, not everyone believes that they can achieve them. A good way to change that mindset is by finding someone to be your mentor. This person should be authentic, engaged and have the experience to guide you and help you grow on a personal level and in addition, encourage you to reach your career goals. We stress that everyone at some point in his or her life, consider finding a mentor. And here’s why!

Discover your Potential.

So often, we don’t see our own value. We have dreams that we don’t share, strengths we don’t use and potential we don’t tap into. A mentor will encourage you, point out your strengths, identify your weaknesses and provide you with valuable advice and insight based on experience.


A good mentor will give critical feedback. A good mentee, will take that feedback with grace and humility and use it as an opportunity! Organic, unbiased, truthful and genuine feedback has the ability to turn a follower into a leader.


People are looking for direction, someone to look up to. It’s human nature. Sometimes we need that extra push to get us going! Like your morning coffee, a mentor helps you stay energized, committed and driven about your goals.


Mentors have knowledge and wisdom from learning and going through their own experiences. Good or bad, they can use those experiences to help guide you through your own situations.

As we have stated many times over, the strength of a company is a direct correlation to the strength of its leadership. Your success is determined by hard work, desire for personal growth and an open mind. Finding a mentor can be the start to a bright career for someone who, with guidance is willing to take their aspirations and goals and make them a reality!

Are you ready to take the next step in your career journey? We look forward to meeting you! Call us at (712) 224-4208 or Email us here with any questions. We are happy to help you find your next career opportunity.