How to Keep Winning Your Job…Even After You Get It

Lexi Morgan

You’ve gone through all the vetting processes and interviews and training. You got that job you wanted! Now, show the bosses that you deserved it, and you should remain in the position for a long time coming. How?

Take the Criticism. They are not going to love every move you make. Even though it is hard at times, take the criticism by acknowledging that you understand and want to improve; then, offer ways you will make changes. Don’t argue or get defensive. You are the newbie, and showing your respect for their knowledge will get you a whole lot farther than being combative.

Offer Ideas that Benefit the Whole of the Organization. Show that you are not just trying to make yourself advance, you are making the company advance. Perhaps it is involvement in a key non-profit or charitable activity, or using a better form of technology to get the job done more efficiently. Show that you want to forward everyone, not just yourself.

Go team! Make strong attempts to get to know your co-workers and their jobs. Show you are interested in how you can help them with their job, if that is pertinent. Demonstrate leadership that you are excited about making the team strong at work and even with teambuilding events inside and outside of the work day.

Lead by Example. Come in early, stay a little later. Work efficiently and offer new ideas if you see ways to improve. Ask good questions as you go that show your interest and excitement about this position with a positive attitude and upbeat mentality. Show not tell is the most important thing you can do—saying you are a positive leader in an interview needs to be followed up by clear actions that you are.

Work at Work. It’s fun to meet your new co-workers and get to know them, and some of those conversations are necessary to become a team player. However, do not spend too much time talking at the water cooler. They didn’t hire you to gossip or tell jokes. They want you to grow their business from the day you start.

If you show that you are continuing to fight for the position you have, and make a positive difference at the company, you will keep winning and advancing!