The First Two Weeks

Lexi Morgan

The First Two Weeks

So, you got the job! Congrats! Now, onto being “the new person” at the company. It can be a little overwhelming as you are meeting many new people, becoming acquainted with your boss’s expectations, getting to know the culture of the group and how to find your niche. There are ways to get through those first few weeks without too much anxiety. Don't run out the door yet! Here are a few tips to survive the first couple weeks:

  1. Who, what, where when, why?

    Ask a lot of questions. You don’t want to be annoying, but you do need to take time to find out what your co-workers do, how you can be of help to them, as well as how things are done at your office. Remember that people are not sure what you know or don’t know, so they may not just tell you things at random. Make a list of questions as you have them, and then go to your superior or a co-worker and ask them for the answers. People will understand you are new, as well as appreciate your willingness to learn how things work.

  2. Be assertive and show your worth.

    You do not want to be a “know it all,” but you do want to show that you are an asset to this company. If someone is struggling with a computer problem that you know how to fix, step in and say, “Can I take a look? I’ve had this happen to me before.” If you know a more efficient way to do something, mention it to your boss. Obviously, you have a job to do, and you are not there to change the entire place by day 2, but if you have a tip to help the company be more productive, share it…the boss will notice.

  3. Stay late, arrive early.

    As a newbie, running out the door as soon as 4:59 PM turns over, is probably not the best idea. Come in a few minutes early and show that you are motivated and ready to work, and stay a few minutes later if possible. You want to show you are dedicated, not taking a paycheck and ready to bolt out the door as soon as you can.

  4. Show your personality, but be serious.

    Talking with others at work is a nice way to take a break, start fitting in, and get to know co-workers. However, talking consistently is not a way to impress your new boss. If you are sitting next to a Chatty Kathy, you can very kindly say, “I’d love to grab a coffee sometime and chat, but I really need this job and I don’t want to get in trouble for talking too much. I hope you understand.” If she doesn’t, oh well. You are there to work, not make a new BFF. Chances are, either way, she’ll be less talkative.

  5. Be grateful.

    Show your boss and co-workers you are happy to be at work, and that you are grateful for their time and effort to help you out as you learn everything. Welcoming new people into an office is stressful for everyone until it’s clear that it’s a great fit. If you have a few awkward moments on the first days, don’t take it personally. Instead, take a breath and remember that being the new kid on the block is hard, at least for the first two weeks!