Ruling the Recruiting World with a Capital T(echnology)!

In order to accomplish our goals and to thrive as modern recruiters, we have to stay on top of our market. We go where our market goes. If we don’t, we quickly become disconnected from our audience and without that connection, we cannot thrive. So where is our market going? It’s simple…ONLINE! And what do we use to get online? Technology.

Here’s a look into what technology has done to help us as modern recruiters, build a stronger connection with our market, then ever before.

 Use Technology to Back up your Skills

Writers can showcase their work through blogging and web developers can show their WordPress expertise in a live environment, but anyone can showcase their abilities, awards etc. by simply posting their resumes and experience online using tools such as LinkedIn.

Real world skills are casting a shadow on the GPA. Today’s technology makes it easy for people to expose their skills through online outlets, in turn helping us as recruiters, discover strong candidates to place.

Getting to Know You

Getting to know more about you! Ok, ok we’ll spare you with our King and I musical serenade, but we think it fits perfectly for this topic. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Blog Posts. The list goes on. Recruiters can find out what you like or dislike, how you interact with others, your passions, goals, hobbies, everything, before we even have a face-to-face conversation.


The future of recruiting has by far grown by leaps and bounds here. All of the papers and filing are no more. We can track and keep ALL-important information with digital tools.

Content Marketing

Recruiters truly thrive in the online marketing department when they have a strong brand. Visual is important. Recruiters who are able to deliver real-time content through blogging, social media, and an overall strong online presence, are better able to connect with not only candidates but also employers.

It’s no surprise that technology reigns in today’s recruiting world. Information is easily accessible and with the click of a button or touch of a screen, it’s at our fingertips. It’s what we do with that technology that makes a difference.