Temp-to-Hire, Direct Hire, and Temporary Staffing Explained

Lexi Morgan

What is temp-to-hire, direct hire, and temporary staffing mean?

There are so many services that staffing firms offer. But what do they really mean for you as a job seeker? We are going to break it down for a candidate’s perspective.

Temporary Staffing

Temporary (temp) employees are hired by client company for a specific amount of time to complete a project, seasonal work, or other short-term needs. A temporary assignment always has an end date in the future, it can range from a few weeks to a few years.

As the temporary employee, you are an employee of Elite Staffing, so we pay you every week. During your temporary assignment with our client, we will be in regular touch with the employee and on sight supervisor to ensure the assignment is going well. Temporary positions are usually clerical, safety, and skilled industrial.

Temp-to-Hire Staffing

An employee is hired by a client company but remains on the staffing firm payroll for a determined amount of time. During this period, the employee is an employee of Elite Staffing. Generally, the employee will convert to the client company payroll at the end of the temp-to-hire period.

While being an employee of the staffing firm, additional resources are offered such as access to a staffing firm representative to visit about questions, concerns, or for general employee relations and support. As a staffing firm employee, it is the firm’s responsibility to ensure the employee is set up for success.

A new job is a big life change. During the temp-to-hire term, this is a good chance to ensure the company and position are the right fit. If the employee is not enjoying the role, the staffing firm can terminate the position with the client company. While this is a last end resort situation, it is an option.

Direct Hire

When a candidate placed through a staffing firm is direct hire, the candidate will be an employee of the client company on day one. A direct hire search generally requires a recruiter to actively recruit for passive candidates using other resources besides a job board such as Indeed. Many times these searches are kept confidential so openings will not always be posted on our website and job boards.  Positions that generally qualify for direct hire are managerial and office roles.

Whether a position is direct hire or temp-to-hire is up to the client company. Although temp-to-hire may be perceived to have a lower job security, all parties move forward with this service with full intentions of it being a permanent position. As always, there is never a fee to a job seeker to use our services!